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‘It’s like driving a spaceship’: Amazon’s Rivian electric delivery vans spotted across Seattle
“Small Business Saturday” turned out to be a good day to spot a growing effort by one very big business to shrink its carbon footprint.
Are tech workers coming back to downtown Seattle — and does it even matter?
Sean Turner was on his phone in the lobby of a downtown Seattle hotel last year when a woman slapped his iPad off a table, then took his AirPods case.
Testing Amazon Clinic, the tech giant’s latest foray into healthcare
Can Amazon help provide healthcare advice and treatment as efficiently as it delivers items to your door?
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Seattle startup with fresh approach to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease raises $96M
Cajal Neuroscience, a Seattle startup taking a unique approach to developing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, revealed more details about its strategy and announced $96 million in funding Tuesday.
With new chip, augmented reality startup Ixana claims breakthrough in quest for ‘wearable brain’
A previously unknown Seattle startup, founded by semiconductor and technology industry veterans, says it has developed an energy-efficient chip capable of running advanced AI applications on lightweight, wireless augmented reality headsets that will operate all day without recharging.
Orion capsule watches the moon eclipse Earth at farthest point of Artemis odyssey
Halfway into its 25.5-day uncrewed Artemis 1 mission, NASA’s Orion capsule today recorded a weird kind of Earth-moon eclipse, reached its farthest distance from our planet and began the complicated trek back home.
Bank downplays ties to FTX sister company in latest fallout from crypto exchange failure
A bank in rural Washington state sought to distance itself from FTX on Tuesday following a report last week detailing its connections to the failed cryptocurrency exchange.
The cloud in orbit: Amazon Web Services demonstrates data analysis on a satellite
For the past 10 months, Amazon Web Services has been running data through its cloud-based software platform on what’s arguably the world’s edgiest edge: a satellite in low Earth orbit.
Amazon Web Services pitches customers on cloud savings, makes bigger push into applications
Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky made his pitch to businesses to double down on the company’s cloud technologies, and made it clear that Amazon’s own ambitions increasingly extend well beyond its core cloud capabilities.
What to expect at re:Invent: Amazon Web Services navigates uncertain economic times
Amazon Web Services will face a new challenge at its annual re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week: keeping software developers and big corporate customers engaged with the long-term potential of its cloud platform, while grappling with the more immediate realities of an economic downturn.
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