ZDNet - Beware the file types hackers use most

Garmin Enduro 2's killer feature; AI Time Machine --
ZDNET Tech Today - US
December 1, 2022
These file types are the ones most commonly used by hackers to hide their malware
Careful when you click: Cyber criminals are hiding malicious payload to make it more difficult for users -- and anti-virus software -- to detect.
Google shares details of newly found commercial spyware threats


placeholder Garmin Enduro 2 has one killer feature I didn't know I needed
placeholder Elon Musk meets Tim Cook, says Twitter row was 'misunderstanding'
placeholder Lenovo ThinkPad X13s review: A premium Arm-based ultraportable with 5G and long battery life
placeholder Artemis 1 mission: NASA's Orion spaceship gets ready for the journey home
placeholder This giant geothermal plant is surrounded by lava. It could help solve tech's energy problem

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