Are Christmas Lights Really a Fire Hazard?

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Traditionally, the flight numbers of northbound/eastbound flights are even and those of southbound/westbound flights are odd.

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December 1, 2022

Did You Know?

Traditionally, the flight numbers of northbound/eastbound flights are even and those of southbound/westbound flights are odd.

🔒 Not Another One

You made it to Thursday, good job! Unfortunately, there was another security breach at LastPass, only a few months after the last one. There’s also another wave of scam USPS shipping notification texts going around, so stay vigilant while checking your messages.

– Corbin

TODAY'S TOP STORY Are Christmas Lights Really a Fire Hazard?

People talk about how Christmas lights are a fire hazard. But is it mostly an urban legend up there with razor blades in Halloween candy or something to take seriously? Here’s what you need to know to live your best Christmas Vacation life without burning your house down. Read More »

Sustainably Made Solar-Powered Watches from Solios

Never replace another battery again with these stylish solar-powered watches from Solios. Enjoy the added convenience of a stress free recharge with minimum exposure to light that works towards a brighter future. Made from recycled stainless steel and eco-friendly vegan leather, these watches are made with highly durable materials that are meant to last you a life-time. Solios is also offering free in-house engraving services until December 31st.
Check them out!

What is File Versioning, and Do You Need It?

File versioning can be a lifesaver if you make a change to an important file that you later come to regret. The feature isn’t supported in every application or service out of the box, but there are a few steps you can take on Windows and Mac to safeguard your files. Read More »

Keep It Short

There are a lot of benefits to a short lightning cable. If you don’t need the extra length when connecting an iPhone to a portable charger or another device, the wire’s slack can often get in the way and be annoying. The perfect solution is a really short cable, like Anker’s 4-inch Lightning Cables.

Four inches certainly isn’t a lot of cable, but if that’s what you need, it’s perfect. Anker makes quality wires, and the company ensures that it’s durable and will hold up to typical wear and tear a Lightning cable would take.

You Can Now Get Proton Calendar on Your iPhone

Proton, the security-focused company best known for Proton Mail and Proton VPN, has been expanding its services to create a full private productivity ecosystem. Part of that is a calendar application, which finally has an iPhone app. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT 8 Places Windows XP Is Hiding in Windows 11

Microsoft Windows has changed a lot in the past 20 years, but there are many areas where it hasn’t. There are still a few visible features in Windows 11 that date back to Windows XP from 2001, or even earlier. Read More »

Save More Than $800 on WEMAX’s Android TV 4K Projector

Put the finishing touches on your home cinema experience with this sizable sale on the WEMAX Nova 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector. WEMAX, a notable name in consumer-grade projection systems, is offering a 30% discount on its premium Android TV-integrated laser projector. The WEMAX Nova 4K projector typically retails at $2,699.99, but for a limited time, you can get one for $1,889.99 ($810 off). Read More »

Party Anywhere With JBL’s Portable Glowing Speaker for $100 Off

JBL is offering its best price yet on the PartyBox On-The-Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker. The bundled speaker, which comes with a wireless mic, is on sale for $249.95 ($100 off), ensuring music lovers can enjoy crisp booming audio without breaking the bank. Read More »

What Is “Intel Evo” Certification? Intel Evo Laptops Explained

If you’ve been looking to buy a new laptop, you might have seen a sticker on some of them that say you’re getting an Intel “Evo” i5 or i7 CPU rather than an Intel Core CPU. What is the Intel Evo platform, anyway? We’ll explain. Read More »

LastPass Just Had (Another) Security Breach

The LastPass password manager suffered a security breach back in August, resulting in source code and other proprietary information being stolen, but no account information. Now it has suffered another breach, and this time, some user data was stolen. Read More »

The Best iPhone 14 Cases of 2022

No one wants to scratch up their device, or drop it and cause damage. A case is an ideal solution to make sure your iPhone 14 stays safe, but whether you want a transparent case, one that can withstand even the toughest falls, or anything in between depends on your needs. Read More »

25 Gifts for the iPhone User in Your Life for 2022

If you’re shopping for somebody with an iPhone, you’re in luck. There are an astounding number of accessories, both useful and quirky, for the popular phone platform. Read More »

Smart Health Tracking Isn’t Smart Enough

From the phone in your pocket to expensive smartwatches, we have the ability to gather tons of health and fitness information. The problem is current health tracking is simply not smart enough to make that data useful. Read More »

Victrola Music Edition 1 Review: A Stylish, Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker

If you thought Victrola was a turntable company, well, you’re not wrong. That said, the company has been branching out lately, including a new line of Bluetooth speakers. The Victrola Music Edition 1 is the smaller, more portable version of these new speakers. Read More »

Elon Musk and Neuralink Announce... Nope Nope Nope nope Nope NOPE nope No.

As a journalist, I’m supposed to approach news stories with an unbiased attitude. Just the facts, ma’am. But sometimes, that’s not possible. When it comes to Elon Musk and Neuralink’s desire to implant tech in our heads, I can only say NOPE. HECK NO. But hey, human trials are just six months away. Read More »

Is There a Right Way to Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments?

Christmas trees are an integral part of the holidays for many, providing nostalgic feelings of comfort and joy all season. From the moment you select that perfect tree and haul it inside your home, the fun begins because it’s time to decorate! Read More »

8 Practical Gen Z Gifts They'll Actually Use

You probably have at least one Gen Zer on your Christmas list this year, and if you aren’t sure what to get them, you’re not alone. The trends of today’s youth are constantly changing, and it can feel impossible to know what to get someone who’s in the know about everything from modern slang to climate change. But never fear: we rounded up some practical gifts that will surely be appreciated by the high schooler or college student in your life. Read More »

Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2 Review: Dazzling Lights With Minor Hiccups

LED TV backlights typically offer fairly basic and dim coloring. The Govee Envisual TV Backlight T2 rectifies this with advanced customization and more LEDs per meter. These may be their shining features, but there’s plenty that shows the care that went into one of the best TV backlights I’ve used. Read More »

This Viral 3-in-1 Charging Station Is The Perfect Gift for Your Whole List

Gift shopping for acquaintances, co-workers, or white elephant events can get tricky. You might not know everyone well, but you still want people to receive a Christmas present they’ll use. Well, one viral find might be the answer for everyone on your list. Read More »

Look Out for These USPS Shipping Scam Messages

Phishing attacks and other scams are ever-present, but over the past few weeks, fake shipping notices sent over text or email have been on the rise. Don’t fall for them. Read More »


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No, “Web5” Is Not a Thing

You’ve probably heard of Web3: a vague term for decentralization that doesn’t really mean anything specific, but sounds cool. Some projects and companies have tried to build hype by adding more numbers, but one attempt at a “Web5” isn’t going well. Read More »




Harvard Medical School And Hollywood Conspired To Influence The American Public To Do What?
Eat More Whole Grains »
Take Public Transportation »
Use Designated Drivers »
Drink Diet Soda »
10 Awesome Google Chrome Features You Should Be Using

Google Chrome has become the go-to browser for many people. It’s chock full of powerful features that make it popular, but you may not have found all the best ones yet. We’ll make sure you do. Read More »


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Wrap Up Your Gift List With Deals From Surface, Lenovo, More

We know you’re probably still recovering from the Cyber Weekend shopping holiday, but just in case you need a few more gift ideas, we’ve got some additional deals from Microsoft, Lenovo, and Anker you might want to consider. Enjoy! Read More »


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Kindle Paperwhite

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The art of asking the right questions & Edit your writing, like editing a photo

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