Little React Things: Less reacting, more deriving

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Little React Things: Less reacting, more deriving

In this second post in the Little React Things series, I talk about how we should remove unnecessary reactions from our React applications and replace them with derivations.

Meet Swimm: a documentation tool built for developers (sponsor)

Swimm’s patented AI automatically validates and updates docs as part of your developers' CI/CD workflows — fixing simple errors automatically and alerting you about significant changes.

Why Is My Jest Test Suite So Slow?

Our team is a couple of months into developing a new application, and our suite of unit 240 tests takes 46 seconds to run. That duration is not excessive yet, but it’s increasing in proportion to the number of tests. In a couple of months, it’ll take a couple of minutes to run our tests.

Unleashing the Full Potential of i18next

In this article, we explore tips and tricks on how to use i18next, a powerful JavaScript library, to handle internationalization and localization effectively by utilizing features such as namespaces, pluralization, and others.

Managing modals

This is a simple guide to some approaches that i’ve seen taken to managing modals in React applications and components.

JavaScript Console Tricks

It's time to brush up on your knowledge and learn how to use the JavaScript console object to its maximum potential.

Async React with NextJS 13

We look at React's native async support and how to use it in a NextJS 13 app. Learn how to use async components, parallel loading states, and caching with React.js and NextJS 13.


A React hook for creating perishable elements for animation purposes.

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