Android Weekly - Android Weekly #554 🤖

Articles & Tutorials
In this installment, Thomas Künneth shows you how to create a Jetpack Compose app that honors folds and hinges, distinguishes between portrait and landscape mode, and takes advantage of large screens.
Use Stream's world-class Chat APIs & SDKs to design an immersive messaging experience where web and mobile app users can come to connect. Try Stream for FREE today!
Mark Murphy muses that perhaps ActivityPub is another area of opportunity, where Android developers can be distinctive
Most Android developers use Gradle every day, but do we understand what it does and how it works? Ban Markovic writes this article to help us better understand.
Context-switching in and out of Play Console costs your team time and unnecessary headache. Manage everything you need to do for your Android rollout — without setting foot in Play Console.
Francesc Vilariño considers a navigation solution different from Google's suggestion, while still using the Navigation library from the Android Architecture Components.
This article is the third part of the series on fonts in Jetpack Compose. In this part, Mikołaj Kąkol looks into the magical world of shaders.
Marcin Moskała writes about how Kotlin improves on for loops by making them safer to use.
Aleksander Jaworski shares his recommendations for improving your tests to help with catching regressions & bugs a lot faster.
How can we still preserve our API keys within our application, but also hide them when we upload our code to our repository? Read on to find out.
Kaaveh Mohamedi explains how to manage bottom navigation in a Jetpack Compose app, and mentions some common issues you may face along with the solution needed.
In this article, learn about BasicTextField and how it allows far more customization than TextField.
Yuichi Araki looks at Google's recommendation that all apps use an edge-to-edge layout, meaning that it draws behind the system bars to use the entire width and height of the display.
Pierre-Yves Ricau examines the root cause of a leak when using the Picasso library, discusses how to fix it, and what could change in Picasso to help avoid this common mistake.
Arkadiusz Chmura offers a quick tip on how in Android Studio Electric Eel the location of the embedded JDK is changed.
Alex Zhukovich examines the top 5 features of the new logcat viewer in Android Studio Dolphin (2021.3) and Electric Eel (2022.1).
In this tutorial, Alex Styl teaches about the UX of Android runtime permissions and how to implement required and optional permission flows using Jetpack Compose. Common questions around permissions are also answered.
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Libraries & Code
An android app to download ebooks from Project Gutenberg, built with Jetpack Compose.
Videos & Podcasts
Mohsen Mirhoseini shows how to set up your Android app to switch to PiP mode with some extra user experiences bonus on top.
Philipp Lackner shows the common mistakes people make when implementing nested scrolling in Jetpack Compose with LazyColumns.
In this video, Lukas Lechner takes a look at some of the most common intermediate flow operators.
Firestore has a new COUNT(*) function and David East will teach you everything you need to know in just 4 minutes.
Charfaoui Younes discusses what state flow is in the Kotlin Flow API, how we can use it, and what some particularities are to this API
Tor, Romain, and Chet were joined by Siyamed Sinir and Sean McQuillan from the Android Text team to talk about, well, text.
Nicola Corti talks to Davide Imola and Lorenzo Pieri directly from the Schrödinger Hat community.
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