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Design Patterns for Test Automation 👀

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ISSUE 152  January 24th 2023




Welcome to the 152nd issue!

One of the best things about running this newsletter is the opportunity to find true gems.

And recently, I've found one.

Testing Without Mocks: A Pattern Language.

It's an incredibly detailed collection of several design patterns used in testing. Thanks, James Shore!

And with that, I'll let you enjoy the rest of this issue.

Happy testing!

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5 Key Moves from Quality Assurance to Quality Assistance

Antoine Craske has been writing about the concept of Quality Assistance for some time now, and this is yet another good article with five pieces of advice on how to make a move.

Furthermore, Lisa Crispin shares her view on Enabling better quality using the Quality Practices Assessment Model (QPAM).  Permalink


QA 101: how to manage product quality right from the start

Starting on a new project? Olya Kolyada shares a good dose of helpful information on how to incorporate good quality prices from the beginning.

What's more, Michael Connolly explains why Quality is a Process — Baking in Quality in Software Development.  Permalink


The Emic and Etic in Testing

Jeff Nyman is taking us on a lengthy but worthy journey on the difference in perception of testing from the insider and the outsider's point of view. So grab a cup of your favourite drink and enjoy this intellectual read!

In relation to that, Kristin Jackvony wrote a shorter piece on the Logical Fallacies for Testers I: The Causal Fallacy.  Permalink


Where Are You Performing Your Testing when Shifting Left?

A lot has been written about shift-left testing, but how do you actually implement it in practice? Here are some insights from the community on Reddit.

You might also want to learn about the Best practices for acceptance tests.

Note: If you can't access the full article, simply open it in a private tab.  Permalink


Why don't we talk about Quality Gardeners?

Alba Herráez describes a role of a Quality Gardener — a different-than-traditional approach to helping improve the quality of the products.

Also, Millan Kaul gives valuable advice on How to win dev friends as a QA.  Permalink




An Introductory Guide to Web Performance Testing

Marie Cruz wrote a detailed guide on web performance testing, including examples of metrics to measure and helpful tools to use.  Permalink


Help Wanted: Test Automation Framework Architect…Maybe?

What does a test architect do, and should do? Paul Grizzaffi sheds some light on the role, especially in the context of building a test framework.

And you may want to consider using Headless Browser Testing, as Johanna South explains.  Permalink


Key Differences Between Top-Down and Bottom-Up Integration Testing

Integration testing is sometimes a challenging layer of tests to implement. Ritika Kumari thoroughly explains two approaches to help you with that.  Permalink


The reverse load test: it worked for us

This is a very interesting article from k6 by Marko Pandurovic and Matt Dodson describing how they approached load testing for... their load generators!

On top of that, Kürşat Aktaş shares an example of Testing the Performance of User Authentication Flow with ddosify.  Permalink


Thoughts on improving test automation

Bart Vanherck gives a few practical tips that can help you make your automated tests better.

Furthermore, Mike Harris explains how The Five S’s create a structure for test automation.  Permalink




Add API Testing to your Nightwatch Test Automation

If you use Nightwatch.js, you'll be happy to hear about this new feature. David Mello describes how they used Supertest to add support for API testing.

And if you want to learn a bit more about the library itself, Sławomir Radzymiński wrote a short description of the Supertest API testing library.  Permalink


Anyone else not like selenium?

There's no doubt that Selenium is one of the most widely used tools for web UI testing. But it seems not everyone likes using it. You'll find some opinions on that in this Reddit thread.

Moreover, Millan Kaul wrote about the Love-Hate Relationship with Selenium Automation.  Permalink


ChatGPT Use cases for Performance Engineers

There's been a lot going on about ChatGPT lately, and testers constantly develop new use cases for it. This time, NaveenKumar Namachivayam tells us a bit more about his finding on aiding performance testing with AI.

Similarly, Indranil Majumder explored the tool and claims that we have The new QA in town: ChatGPT.

However, from a more critical point of view, Daniel Delimata asks: Could ChatGPT really be a tester?  Permalink


How To Use Jira For Test Case Management

Probably many of you wonder whether JIRA is good for test case management. Andreea Draniceanu tried it out and described her process and its pros and cons.  Permalink


Mind Maps: Keep you a few steps ahead in Quality Engineering

Not all tools for testers are about coding. S Chathuranga Jayasinghe describes how using mind maps can help in the tester's role.

And in yet another testimony, Seda Badalian shares How I Found a Way to Maximize Test Coverage by Minimizing Test Documentation.

Note: If you can't access the full article, simply open it in a private tab.  Permalink


TypeScript is not only for developers anymore

As TypeScript language becomes a more and more popular choice for coding, Filip Hric wonders how it can help testers, too.  Permalink




Building a better testing culture

In this 48-minute discussion, we have an opportunity to hear insights into improving the way we test from Amanda Sopkin, Thayse Onofrio, Nishi Grover Garg and Marcus Merrell.  Permalink


Can an AI (ChatGPT) tool write Test Automation scripts?

Here's yet another great video tutorial exploring the features of ChatGPT for test automation. This time, it's by Dilpreet Johal.  Permalink




Happens to the best... 😂



Thanks for reading!

If you like this newsletter and it helps you become a better tester, you can say thanks and buy me a coffee.

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