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#​445 — January 27, 2023

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Mocktail: A Tasty, Strongly Typed Mock Generator — A nifty tool that could potentially save you hours of frustration manually creating mocks, even if you’re using something like Testify.

Ludovic Fernandez (Traefik Labs)

▶  Ten Things I Hate About Go — These sorts of things are always popular but Jonathan has clearly put some thought into these, and demonstrates the issues in detail. (30 minutes.)

Jonathan Hall (Boldly Go)

Gophers - Opportunity is Knocking — We’re a premier software engineering firm looking for mid to senior level engineers to help us develop advanced software solutions and applications in Go. Got at least 1 year of professional Go experience and located in the Americas or Western Europe? We want to hear from you.

Ardan Labs sponsor

A Comprehensive Guide to Go's Generics — While there are a few guides like this, the list of examples at the end is worthwhile and qualifies this guide as bookmarkable.

Steven Ellis


How to Use AVX512 in Go via the C Compiler — Intel’s AVX512 instructions can process 512 bits of data in a single go, but can they be used from Go? Indirectly, yes.

Zhenghao Zhang

Free eBook Download: Understanding Kubernetes (Updated Edition) — This resource covers everything K8s: from fundamental concepts to cluster components and network model implementation.

Linode sponsor

Using {Blocks} in Rust and Go for Fun and Profit — You don’t see a lot of explicit local blocks being used in Go, but they can be an effective method of avoiding boilerplate and handling intermediate variables.

Taylor Troesh

🛠 Code & Tools

gotestsum 1.9: go test Runner with Optimized Output and Summaries — Adds some niceties over the top of go test with a ‘watch’ mode to re-run tests when files are updated, the ability to run a command after a run (perhaps for an OS notification), and more human friendly test output along with a summary of each run.

Daniel Nephin et al.

Bob: SQL Query Builder and ORM/Factory Generator — With support for Postgres, MySQL and SQLite. Bob can be progressively adopted from raw SQL query strings, to fully typed queries with models and factories generated for a database.

Stephen Afam-Osemene

Tuple, a Lightning-Fast Pairing Tool Built for Remote Developers — High-resolution, crystal-clear screen sharing, low-latency remote control, and less CPU usage than you'd think possible.

Tuple sponsor

Miniflux 2: Minimalist and Opinionated Feed Reader — So minimalist that no ORM or framework is used and only the most essential of JavaScript. GitHub repo.


env 7.0: Parse Environment Variables to Structs — Simple and with no dependencies.

Carlos Alexandro Becker

Dex: A Federated OpenID Connect (OIDC) Provider — An identity service that uses OpenID Connect to drive authentication for other apps.

Dex IdP

Pi Gamepad: Library to Interact with a Raspberry Pi Gamepad


Site Reliability Engineer — Join our "kick ass" team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.
Sticker Mule

Find a Job Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


  • Buffalo 1.1
    ↳ Full Go Web app framework & environment.

  • Bubbles 0.15
    ↳ TUI components for Bubble Tea.

  • bitset 1.5
    ↳ Bitset implementation. (A memory efficient way to work with an arbitrary number of binary values.)

  • Glow 1.5 – Render Markdown on the CLI.

  • Vald 1.7 – Distributed vector search engine.

  • fzf 0.37 – Command-line fuzzy finder.

  • Kubo 0.18 – IPFS implementation.


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