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Today's big stories

  1. Chinese EV maker BYD reported game-changing yearly results
  2. These weight-loss drugs could add some heft to your portfolio – Read Now
  3. Ryanair reported record results for its Christmas quarter

Charging Ahead

Charging Ahead

What’s Going On Here?

Chinese EV giant BYD reported the kind of yearly results most firms dream about on Monday.

What Does This Mean?

BYD bid farewell to combustion-engine vehicles last April, and shifted gears to focus solely on fully electric and plug-in hybrids – a move that’s paid off handsomely for the auto behemoth. The firm’s in-house production of key components, like chips and batteries, let it cruise past the supply chain disruptions and Covid-induced issues that plagued competitors, selling nearly 2 million cars in 2022 – over four times more than the previous four years combined. No wonder the firm’s finances look so healthy: net profit's expected to come in as high as $2.5 billion, up a staggering 458% from the previous year. And it looks like the good times are set to roll on too: the company’s eyeing up a move into the luxury car market, where profit margins tend to be much higher.

Why Should I Care?

Zooming in: Supply-chain superstar.
Tesla might have a 400,000-car lead in the fully-electric car market, but BYD’s top-selling models are heating up at home – while Tesla’s Model 3 saw a chilling dip. What’s more, the Chinese EV giant’s making a bold push into overseas markets, and has ordered a fleet of car carriers to ensure delivery and take further control of its own supply chain. And on top of its own products, the firm might even offer to transport other manufacturers' vehicles too.

The bigger picture: The throne’s secure.
Sure, BYD's impressive, but it’s got some catching up to do to beat Toyota. The Japanese car giant held onto its title as the world's biggest automaker for the third year in a row in 2022, selling a show-stopping 10.5 million cars. Granted, that was down 0.1% from the previous year, but it's still way better than their closest competitor Volkswagen – which had its lowest sales in over ten years.

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Analyst Take

Could These Obesity-Drug Stocks Make Your Portfolio Look Big?

Could These Obesity-Drug Stocks Make Your Portfolio Look Big?

By Luke Suddards, Analyst

We’ve all been there: struggling to zip a favorite pair of jeans after packing on a few extra pounds. 

The fact that it affects so many of us is what makes the prospect of breakthrough weight-loss drug treatments so exciting – and potentially so lucrative

That’s today’s Insight: the two pharma giants that could help fatten your portfolio – while slimming some waistlines.

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IG’s list aims to balance your risk profile by including both recovery and growth stocks in a whole host of sectors, from tech to renewable energy.

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Pretty Fly For An Airline

Pretty Fly For An Airline

What’s Going On Here?

Ryanair reported record-breaking Christmas-quarter results on Monday.

What Does This Mean?

After a few years of holiday-ruining Covid restrictions, European travelers are taking to the air once again – and with the cost-of-living crisis pushing fliers to search for bargains, it’s discount airlines that are cleaning up. EasyJet’s results last week suggested as much, but Europe’s biggest airline really drove the point home: Ryanair announced that its market share’s growing everywhere from Spain to Scandinavia, as hard-pressed customers trade down from high-falutin’ rivals. Plus, Ryanair had passengers paying on average 14% more per ticket than at the same time pre-pandemic – which might explain how the airline raked in a record after-tax profit last quarter, after losing money in the same period the previous year. And this quarter’s bookings suggest that Ryanair’s lucky streak isn’t about to end anytime soon…

Why Should I Care?

Zooming in: Lofty ambitions.
Ryanair has big plans for the future, betting that it’ll blow past its previous record and fly a whopping 168 million passengers this financial year. And the firm’s not planning to lower its sights after that, either: it’s hoping to hit a whole 185 million the following year. Those ambitions have got the airline adding to its fleet, including high-capacity Boeing 737 Max planes, which use less fuel per passenger. But Ryanair could still come up short when summer rolls around, with Boeing currently facing a spate of production issues.

The bigger picture: Bird of prey.
Ryanair thinks European rivals EasyJet and Wizz are neither here nor there, stuck in a dwindling mid-fare market while the Irish airline goes from strength to strength. That’s got Ryanair thinking it’s a matter of time before they become takeover targets, cementing its position as the only major low-cost carrier in the region. And that’s not a crazy idea: Ryanair has more cash on hand than the market value of Wizz, and enough to rival EasyJet's right now.

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