Programming Digest - Contracts you should never sign

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Programming Digest

Contracts you should never sign

The good news is that contracts are not set in stone, they are usually open to negotiation until they're signed, and even after signing, you have a chance to change something if you're on good terms with the counterparty.

Powerful yet simple-to-use APIs that will accelerate your development projects (sponsor)

Tired of lengthy development cycles and multiple external library integrations? Bloated applications while building essential but non-core functionalities from scratch? Try ApyHub’s ever-expanding list of utility APIs to extract and validate data, convert and manipulate files and much more. Up to 2M API requests for free.

Asynchronous computing at Meta: Overview and learnings

Here's what we've learned from making architecture changes to Meta’s event driven asynchronous computing platform.

A Charming Algorithm for Count-Distinct

The count-distinct problem is to estimate the number of distinct elements appearing in a stream. That is, given some enumeration of “objects” which you can think of as any data type you like, we want to know approximately how many unique objects there are.

PageRank Algorithm for Graph Databases

What is PageRank algorithm? How can it be used in various graph database use cases? How to use it in Memgraph? If these questions are keeping you up at night, here is a blog post that will finally put your mind at ease.

Pandas Illustrated: The Definitive Visual Guide to Pandas

Is it a copy or a view? Should I merge or join? And what the heck is MultiIndex?

Level up Your Code Game With SonarQube (and win a Lego Batmobile!) (sponsor)

Join Sonar live on February 16th to see the latest and greatest from SonarQube, a self-managed static analysis tool for continuous codebase inspection. You'll be one of the first to see the advanced features in the newest SonarQube 9.9 LTS that will be available to you and your teams to continue to ensure Clean Code, always. Best of all, if you attend you are entered to win a LEGO DC Batmobile Tumbler!

SQL should be your default choice for data engineering pipelines

SQL should be the first option considered for new data engineering work. It’s robust, fast, future-proof and testable. With a bit of care, it’s clear and readable.

A URL shortener, but it makes the URLs look extremely dodgy instead

When you give it a URL, a randomy sketchy URL path (the bit after the /) is generated. The mapping between the real URL and the sketchy one is then saved.

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