ZDNet - ChatGPT wrote a plugin in 5 minutes

Microsoft ISO out-of-support Office versions; Costner's very 80s Apple commercial --
ZDNET Tech Today - US
February 6, 2023
I asked ChatGPT to write a WordPress plugin I needed. It did, in less than 5 minutes
This is fascinating, awesome, and scary all at the same time.
The best AI art generators: DALL-E 2 and other fun alternatives to try


placeholder Microsoft is looking for out-of-support versions of Office, here's why
placeholder I tried Delta's new free inflight Wi-Fi. Here's how fast it was
placeholder Upgrade your rig: The top SSDs
placeholder Your iPhone videos will never look like the ones Apple shows you
placeholder Before Kevin Costner hit it big, he starred in a very 80s Apple commercial

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