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This week’s issue features the release of React Native 0.71 and release candidate v1 of Expo Router.

Hello readers! The deadline for submitting your ideas for talks at the upcoming Chain React conference has been extended to February 14, so please submit your proposals here

On to some highlights from the Top Picks for this issue, starting with the release of React Native 0.71. Not only does it make TypeScript the default language of choice by revising the documentation and the new app template accordingly, but it introduces Flexbox Gap along with other enhancements and improvements.

Release candidate v1 of Expo Router has been announced. This aligns nicely with the recently published Episode 256 of the React Native Radio podcast featuring Evan Bacon discussing Expo Router with the podcast hosts.

Finally, be sure to check out the Ignite Cookbook, which is a collection of code examples that make it easy to add new features to React Native apps generated by Ignite, the premier React Native boilerplate.

There's a lot more to discover in today's issue. Enjoy! 

Message from the editor

This week's React Native news update from Editor-in-chief, Jon Major Condon. Watch on YouTube! 

Our top React Native picks this week

React Native articles, tweets, and docs from submitted by the community and Infinite Red’s team of engineers.

twitter thread

Use OpenAI to Generate React Native Components

This tweet announces the publication of react-native-openai-jsx, which you can use to generate  React Native components from a prompt string . Get an OpenAI client API key and give it a try!


Testing React Native from the nightly builds

A guide to testing nightly React Native builds against your library to help uncover upcoming breaking changes.

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First-class Support for TypeScript

With the release of 0.71, React Native is investing in the TypeScript experience. This doc covers the details of topics such as the new app template being TypeScript by default and how all React Native documentation is TypeScript first.

twitter thread

Annnouncing No-Code UI Automation Added to Maestro Studio

No-code UI automation has been added to Maestro Studio, the release of which we announced in issue #165 of the React Native Newsletter.

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Announcing the Expo Router v1 Release Candidate

Evan Bacon of Expo announces a candidate release of the first file-based native router that generates pages when you add files to your project.


Spend less time in App Store Connect and Google Play Console with Runway.

Runway gives you a unified control center for React Native releases with automations that make the process smoother and easier to manage — from beta distribution to release and everything in between. 

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Open source highlights from the React Native community

Open source React Native projects, libraries, node modules, or components submitted by the community.


Expensify App

Here's the full React Native source code for Expensify's expense management app, which is in stores for download.


React Native Bundle Visualizer

Recently, the React Native Bundle Visualizer helped one of our developers trim over 1mb off a release javascript bundle. Although it's an older library, it can help you find anomalies in your final js bundle.

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React Native Radio

R258 - Robots coding React Native?!?!

Jamon, Robin, Mazen, and ChatGPT discuss whether AI coding assistants will take our jobs in the future – and how to deal with it as developers.

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React Native Radio

RNR 257 - META RESPONDS! How can we improve React Native, part 2

Meta's core React Native team responded to the latest discussion about what could be improved in React Native. Robin, Mazen, and Jamon go over their response!.

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Ignite Cookbook

Introducing: Ignite Cookbook for React Native

Ignite Cookbook is a collection of code snippets (or "recipes") that work for almost any React Native project! Plus: the Infinite Red team uses these on real projects.

Check it out! ⇢

React Native Radio

Speak at Chain React 2023

Have an idea for a great React Native talk? Send it to us by Feb 14 for a chance to speak at Chain React 2023 taking place in Portland, OR May 17-19, 2023.

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That’s a wrap!

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Editor-in-chief: Jon Major Condon, Infinite Red

From the team at Infinite Red

React Native app design & development team


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