C# Digest - Update to the .NET language strategy

#441 – February 13, 2023 View in browser

C# Digest

Update to the .NET language strategy

Interested in what is going on and the future of .NET languages, (C#, F#, and Visual Basic)? We have just published an updated version of the .NET Language Strategy on our documentation.

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Asynchronous Programming Patterns in .NET

Asynchronous programming enables multiple operations to run concurrently. Let's learn a few different patterns in asynchronous programming.

How to customize Conventional Commits in a .NET application using GitHooks

Using Conventional Commits you can define a set of rules useful for writing meaningful commit messages. Using NPM. Yes, in a .NET application.

Refactoring Bloated Code in C#

In this article, we discuss code smells called bloaters and different techniques for refactoring bloated code in C#.

Accelerating EF Core with Compiled Queries

One of my passions is data! I love all forms of data and how to work with it. I am a .NET fanatic also and have been a fan of Entity Framework since 2008. It has gotten so good since .NET Core 1.0, and I love to push EF Core to the limit, especially around Web APIs. In this blog post, I want to share my ideas about Compiled Queries in EF Core.

Performance Testing Sync-Over-Async Scenarios

In order to performance test the web application and async scenarios, I used Crank, the benchmarking tool the .NET team uses to run benchmarks.

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