Tech Lead Digest - When do you code as a staff engineer?

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Tech Lead Digest

When do you code as a staff engineer?

A coworker asked me this question and I thought my answer could be helpful to others struggling with the same ambiguity. When you’re leading multi-team projects as more of an architect, is the only way to code to do “snacking” (i.e., low-impact, low-effort work that could be done by less experienced engineers)?

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Improve your feedback game: Choose kindness over niceness

The common trope that feedback is a gift is a misnomer: we love giving and receiving gifts but recoil from delivering and accepting feedback. Some truths are hard to hear and discuss, so the gift-giving metaphor falls short.

Why backlogs are useless, why they never shrink, and what to do instead

Do you remember your backlog ever shrinking? Of course you don’t. Backlogs never shrink.

Culture vs systems

One of my great sins as a leader is falling too deeply into the systems thinking trap, which I’ve spent years digging out from, but whenever folks talk about failed cultural change, I believe they’re stuck in one of two common traps.

Playing Long Games: Focus on Companies with Moats and Relevant Products

Todd Wenning discusses how companies with economic moats and relevant products can extend the innings of their competitive lifecycles.

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