We Let ChatGPT Create AI Art, Here's What It Made

Did You Know?:

In 1990, Willie Nelson had nearly everything he owned confiscated and sold by the IRS to pay a mountain of back taxes and fines due to fund mismanagement by his accounting firm. One of his few possessions to escape confiscation was his iconic guitar, Trigger—all thanks to his daughter, who smuggled the guitar out of his home in Texas and hid it in Hawaii until the heat died down.

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March 3, 2023

Did You Know?

In 1990, Willie Nelson had nearly everything he owned confiscated and sold by the IRS to pay a mountain of back taxes and fines due to fund mismanagement by his accounting firm. One of his few possessions to escape confiscation was his iconic guitar, Trigger—all thanks to his daughter, who smuggled the guitar out of his home in Texas and hid it in Hawaii until the heat died down.

đź“« The New Outlook Is Coming

Happy Friday! Microsoft is about to let more people try the new Outlook for Windows. The company is also working on a revamped audio panel for Windows 11.

Meanwhile, Proton VPN finally has browser extensions and Google Chrome is testing a note taking feature.

– Corbin

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TODAY'S TOP STORY We Let ChatGPT Create AI Art, Here’s What It Made

ChatGPT writes elaborate stories, while DALL-E 2 paints absurd images. OpenAI’s chat bot and art generator are two sides of the AI coin. What kind of insane creations would they make if we let them work together? Read More »

Check Out These Star Wars Smartwatch Bands In Honor of The Mandalorian Season 3 Premiere

If you love Baby Yoda, Jedi Knights, and The Mandalorian TV show series, then you'll definitely want to check out this collection of Star Wars-inspired silicone smartwatch bands that are perfect for die hard fans. Browse Collection >>

How to Install Homebrew on a Mac

Homebrew is a package manager for macOS that allows you to install software using the “brew” command at the command line. It’s easy to set up and simple to use once you’re familiar with a few basic commands. Read More »

Nuheara’s Earbuds Deliver Personalized Audio for $200 Off

There’s nothing like getting lost in your own music. The Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX earbuds let you bask in your auditory solitude with active noise cancellation. Available now for $299 ($200 off), the earbuds offer a personalized listening experience to cater to your preferences at a reasonable price. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Filtered Water Anywhere, Anytime
Filtered Water Anywhere, Anytime

It never hurts to be prepared. If you go camping, hiking, or travel to remote locations often, you should always have a backup plan for clean drinking water in the event you get stranded. For just under $20, the LifeStraw is the peace of mind that fits in the palm of your hand.

Throw this personal filter in your pack or hook it to your carabiner for access to potable water when you need it most.

Google Chrome Is Testing a Notes Feature

Google is always working on new features for the Chrome browser, like the recent battery life improvements. Soon, you might be able to save notes about pages right in the browser. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT 8 Reasons You Should Replace Your ISP’s Wi-Fi Router

Your ISP likely supplied you with a model, Wi-Fi router, or both when you signed up for service. Here’s why you might want to return your ISP’s gear and use your own Wi-Fi router and modem instead. Read More »

The New Outlook for Windows Is Opening Up to More People

Microsoft has been publicly testing a completely new Outlook email app for Windows for almost a year now, but it was limited to people already in the Office Insider program. Microsoft is now ready for more people to try it. Read More »

Windows 11: How Much RAM Can Your PC Have?

RAM—random-access memory—is your computer’s short-term data storage. You’ll need more RAM for gaming and other complex tasks like video rendering and media creation than you will for basic desktop usage. But how much RAM can your computer take? Read More »

The Best PS5 Accessories of 2023

Have a PlayStation 5? You can make your experience even better with customizable controllers, charging stations, and official headsets. These PS5 accessories will upgrade your gaming experience. Read More »

Should You Buy a Projector for Gaming?

While large format TVs are readily available, once you go north of 70 inches the price curve goes nearly vertical. In contrast, projectors seem like a good solution if you want to experience a wall-spanning movie picture, but what about big-screen gaming? Read More »

How to Optimize Your Steam Deck for a Longer Lasting Battery

The Steam Deck is a brilliant handheld gaming PC, but it does come with its share of downsides, with the poor battery life being the biggest one. If you’re looking for ways to extend your Steam Deck’s battery life, look no further. We’ve got you covered. Read More »

E-Win Champion Series CPG Fabric Gaming Chair Review: It Gets the Job Done

If you’re sitting at a desk all day, you shouldn’t cheap out on your chair. With gaming chairs becoming increasingly popular, I wondered if the budget-friendly E-Win Champion Series CPG Gaming Chair cut too many corners or if it was ergonomic enough for long-term comfort. I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle. Read More »

Alienware Has New Gaming Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, and More

Dell’s subsidiary for gaming products, Alienware, has stuck around for three decades and shows no signs of slowing down. Alienware is now introducing a pile of new devices, from keyboards to monitors. Read More »

Proton VPN Is Coming to Your Web Browser

Proton VPN is one of the best VPN services around, especially since it has integrations with Proton Mail and the company’s other privacy-focused products. Now there are official browser extensions for the VPN. Read More »

Do You Need to Clean Your Vacuum?

Most of us vacuum our homes as part of a weekly cleaning routine, but should cleaning your vacuum itself be part of that chore list? Apparently, yes, you do need to clean your vacuum. Read More »

Help Your Muscles Heal with These Post-Workout Recovery Tips

If you’ve been hitting the gym hard, chances are your muscles are starting to feel sore. But getting closer to your goals means giving your muscles time to recover, too. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to give your sore limbs a break. Read More »

LatticeWork Amber X Personal Cloud Storage Review: Backups Made Easy

In many cases, personal cloud storage comes in handy; for the most part, the Amber X Smart Personal Cloud Storage Device satisfies them all. The consumer-friendly cloud storage device is quick to set up and relatively easy to use, but its user interface could do with a few tweaks. Read More »

Are Burpees Actually Good for You?

If you’ve been to a Crossfit class or done any sort of group high-intensity interval training, there’s a good chance you’ve been asked to do a burpee. The plank meets jump squat meets push-up exercise is a dreaded move for most, so should you be doing them? Are burpees actually good for you? Read More »

How to Not Go Broke in an Airport

When budgeting for a trip, most people think about how to save money on flights and accommodations. While this is important, many people forget about the places that are universally overpriced: airports. Read More »

Giveaway: Win a Tribit Stormbox Blast Speaker

It might not be summer yet, but it’s never too early to prep for summer BBQs and pool get-togethers. To help get the party started, this week, Review Geek is giving away a Tribit Stormbox Blast Bluetooth boombox! Read More »

Microsoft Is Revamping Windows 11’s Bad Audio Settings

The initial release of Windows 11 was a downgrade from Windows 10 in many ways, especially when it came to quickly updating audio settings. Microsoft is now trying to fix that with an update in testing. Read More »


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Get a Travel Router to Upgrade Your Hotel Wi-Fi Experience

You might not have “travel router” on your vacation packing list, but after reading this article, you just might. Here’s why we always pack a router with us when we’re headed to a hotel. Read More »




What Ornamental Feature Did 19th Century English Aristocrats Keep On Their Estates?
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