Visualized | Crypto Popularity Across European Union Nations 💶

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Ranked: Crypto Popularity Across European Union Nations

This chart shows crypto popularity amongst European Union investors relative to traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and funds.
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Visualized: 40 Years of U.S. Automobile Recalls

This interactive visual shows U.S. automobile recalls over the past 40 years by type, company, components, and the number of people impacted.
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How China Became Saudi Arabia's Largest Trading Partner

This graphic charts Saudi Arabia’s trading history with the EU, the U.S., and it's new largest trading partner — China. 
Charted: The Global Decline in Consumer Confidence

This graphic charts the rise and fall of consumer confidence across the world over the past three years.
Which Countries Pollute the Most Ocean Plastic Waste?

Ocean plastic waste is a large and growing problem, but where does it come from? This graphic visualizes the top countries emitting ocean plastic.
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