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March 9, 2023

The rise of foldable devices has been one of the more interesting tech stories to watch play out over the last several years. Part of that story is the perpetual rumor mill about Google getting into the market with a foldable Pixel. But do those rumors really need to become a reality? Andrew doesn’t think so. In fact, in our top story, he details all the reasons that Google should stay out of the foldable space. From stiff competition in the market to Google’s hardware durability, how expensive it would be, and more, there are plenty of good reasons for Google to continue sitting this one out.

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TODAY'S TOP STORY Google Shouldn’t Make a Foldable Phone

We’ve endured several years of rumors related to the “Pixel Fold,” a smartphone that Google hasn’t publicly announced or acknowledged. And while the hype for Google’s first foldable continues to build, I’m beginning to worry that this device is a bad idea. Read More »

You Can Earn Amazing Rewards, Like a Target Gift Card, Just for Brushing your Teeth with Quip!

Build better brushing habits with this smart rechargeable electric toothbrush from Quip for just $60. The built-in Bluetooth® Smart Motor automatically tracks your brushing habits and allows you to redeem amazing rewards through the smartphone app such as gift cards to shop at your favorite online retailers. Learn More >>

Why the Heck Is Amazon Selling These Fake 16 Terabyte Portable SSD Drives?

When it comes to portable hard drives, bigger is usually better. You want lots of space for photos, videos, or anything else. So when Amazon offers a 16TB external SSD hard drive for under $100, that sounds perfect. It would be if it weren’t a giant scam. I know because I bought one and tore it apart. Read More »

8 Ways Google Assistant Can Increase Your Work Productivity

Google Assistant software is available on mobile and smart home devices and can help you accomplish tasks around your house. These eight Google Assistant features will help you focus, stay organized, enter periods of deep work, and maintain overall high productivity during the workday. Read More »

iFixit Manta Driver Kit Review: Self Repair, Bit by Bit

Are you still throwing out expensive gadgets that just need a simple fix? With the right tools, like those in the iFixit Manta Driver Kit, you can save money, learn your electronics inside and out, and get the most out of the devices you paid for. Read More »

Today’s Quordle Answers

Wordle was just too easy, wasn’t it? You probably left that behind and moved on to Quordle, the true “hard mode” of the word-guessing game format. But now you’re stuck and so close to failing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a hint—and if you really need it, today’s Quordle Answers. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Emergency Flashlight Runs on Water
This Emergency Flashlight Runs on Water

Being prepared in case of an emergency is always a good idea. That’s why you’ll love this little water-powered emergency flashlight 3-pack by Hydralight. Yes, all you do is remove the seal on the bottom, dip the gadget in water for 20 seconds, and you’ll have a usable flashlight for hours on end.

It runs on water-activated cell technology, has two LEDs, and an on/off switch, so it’ll last longer. And while it’s technically a “one-time-use” flashlight, each Hydralight can run for about 72 hours total. You’ll need to re-dip it in water to activate the cell between uses, but eventually, it’ll stop working. This is perfect for a go-bag, hiking, camping, and more.

Today’s Wordle Answer

Are you a huge fan of Wordle and absolutely stuck today? Let me guess; you’re hanging out on guess four or five and feeling the pressure. We get it entirely: nothing feels worse than losing your streak. If you’re not ready to outright cheat, we have you covered with hints and today’s Wordle answer. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Leave My Lightning Cable Alone

I remember the day I brought home my first lightning cable. I had just upgraded my iPhone 4S to a 5S, and the new connector came in the box. I wasn’t thrilled that I had to incorporate a new cable type into my life. But now that Lightning is on the way out, I must protest … “Hey! I’m using that!” Read More »

Second Android 14 Dev Preview Focuses on Security and Speed

Available today and right on time, the second Android 14 Developer Preview (DP2) doubles down on privacy and security while improving performance and battery life. The changes are still minor, as Google is likely holding back the exciting bits to announce at Google I/O on May 10th. Read More »

Microsoft Is Testing Your Most-Requested Windows 11 Feature

Dating back to the first Windows 11 preview builds, users have begged Microsoft to let them move the taskbar to different locations. Eventually, the company explained why it wouldn’t let us move it, but now it looks like Redmond could be ready to change its mind. Read More »

Google Now Offers the Most Affordable VPN Service

Looking for an affordable VPN? Google now offers its VPN service to all Google One subscribers, including those on the cheapest $1.99 tier. The Google One VPN works on all platforms, and you can share it with up to five friends or family members. Read More »

Rivian’s Electric Service Trucks Are a Sight to Behold

Getting a car repaired is often a hassle. Usually, you must schedule an appointment, take your vehicle to the dealership, and leave it there for hours or even days. But that’s changing, as JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson found out recently when Rivian sent a service truck to his home for a repair. Read More »


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Hisense 55U6H

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