DevOps Bulletin - Digest #94: Postgres Explained 😎

#94: Postgres Explained

Get ready for another action-packed edition of our weekly DevOps newsletter! This week, I'm covering a diverse range of topics that will help you level up your skills and stay up to date with the latest trends in DevOps. From exploring the ins and outs of Postgres architecture to learning how to troubleshoot common Kubernetes errors, I've got you covered.

Plus, we'll be diving into the world of AWS with articles on Just-in-Time Access and Serverless AWS CDK pipeline best practices & patterns. We'll also be discussing the importance of SREs being evangelists to be successful, and how to deal with devs pushing bad code to production.

And that's not all - I'm sharing open-source projects of the week, including a DevOps framework based on getting things done, APE, Troubleshoot, and Helicone. So, whether you're looking to automate your infrastructure with Terraform and Buildkite or learn how Discord stores trillions of messages, this week's newsletter has got you covered. Don't miss out - buckle up and let's dive in!
The unreasonable effectiveness of just-in-time access
If an attacker obtained one of your developer’s credentials, what access would they have? By adding a temporal dimension to access policies, the attack surface can be significantly reduced for many security-breach scenarios. That’s where just-in-time access comes in.
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"Demystifying the For vs Owns vs Watches controllers" - Theoretical side of these Kubernetes controller builders as well as their practices with a real-life examples - Read more »
"Automate your infrastructure with Terraform and Buildkite" - Learn how to use Buildkite to deploy your Terraform code changes - Read more »
"SRE evangelist" - SREs must be evangelists to be successful, making reliability more interesting and externalizing the feeling - Read more »
"How to identify and troubleshoot common Kubernetes errors" - Monitoring Kubernetes series that explains everything you need to quickly set up your Kubernetes clusters and monitor them - Read more »
"Inside Uber’s move to the cloud" - Uber has operated its own data centers for 9 years. What challenges did the company face, and why is it considering moving to the Cloud? - Read more »
"Serverless AWS CDK pipeline best practices & patterns" - An opinionated discussion around how to set up, structure, and deploy your AWS CDK Serverless apps using CDK Pipelines in line with AWS best practice - Read more »
1️⃣ Dozzle is a web based app to monitor Docker logs. It doesn’t store any log files. It is for live monitoring of your container logs only - Learn more »
2️⃣ The Do Framework is a DevOps framework focused on simplicity, intuitiveness, and productivity. It helps you get more done - Learn more »
3️⃣ APE takes all of your AWS IAM policies and presents you with a single policy, summarizing all of their actual permissions - Learn more »
4️⃣ Troubleshoot is a kubectl plugin providing diagnostic tools for Kubernetes applications  - Learn more »
5️⃣ Meshery is the cloud-native management plane offering lifecycle, configuration, and performance management of Kubernetes, service meshes, and your workloads. - Learn more »
6️⃣ Helicone is an open-source observability platform for GPT-3 users - Learn more »
"How Discord stores trillions of messages" - Read more »
"Our production servers were suspended by Google Cloud" - Read more »
"The state of secrets sprawl 2022" - Read more »
This video explores the PostgreSQL process architecture in detail, including shared buffers, checkpointer, WAL processes, and other advanced concepts.
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I wanted to share a book I read last week called "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. It's a fascinating read that explores the factors that contribute to extraordinary success.
Gladwell takes a deep dive into the stories of successful people like Bill Gates, The Beatles, and others, to uncover the unique circumstances and opportunities that helped them achieve greatness. He argues that success is not simply a matter of talent and hard work, but rather a complex interplay of opportunity, cultural legacy, and pure luck.
Lead DevOps Engineer @n8n
Azure, Terraform, Kubernetes

🌎 Remote, europe

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Lead Engineer @Cypress
AWS, Postgres, Terraform

🌎 Remote, USA

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Senior Software Engineer @Grafana
AWS, Go, Grafana

🌎 Remote, USA

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Hand-picked DevOps opportunities to work from home, remotely, freelance, full-time, part-time, contract and internships - See more »
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