HSBC buys Silicon Valley Bank UK, says 'customers should not notice any changes'

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By Haje Jan Kamps

Monday, March 13, 2023

H’okay, so here’s the earth. That’s a sweet earth, you might say.

This weekend has been So Very Busy with a certain Silicon Valley Bank toppling over. You couldn’t go anywhere this weekend without overhearing dozens of conversations and realizing that everyone in San Francisco was an FDIC and national banking bailout expert, so that’s good (?) news (??).

In Friday’s special edition of Daily Crunch, we summarized what had happened so far, but a lot more has gone down (literally, spiritually, and figuratively) since then, so here’s my very best attempt at keeping you Sanguinely, Vitally Briefed.

Natasha M summarized it well: It’s been a surreal weekend. And Becca’s exploration of what the collapse of SVB means for venture debt (TC+) is well worth a read as well.



Image Credits: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

The TC SVB rundown

Take a deep breath, because there’s a lot of info coming down this fire hose at the moment. A great place to start is Alex and Natasha trying to unpack the whole situation on today’s episode of the Equity podcast.

What do you do next? CEO of Figure Brett Adcock wrote the excellent playbook for founders with Silicon Valley Bank accounts for TC+.

The broader TechCrunch team has a ton of news, analysis, and context. Here’s what happened over the past few days:

The SVB collapse was also covered with additional context and analysis in our other newsletters. For example, check out this week’s fintech newsletter The Interchange.

Startups and VC

In non-banking-collapse news:

Building a PLG motion on top of usage-based pricing

Last July, Puneet Gupta, a former AWS general manager who’s now CEO and co-founder of, wrote a TC+ article that explained how SaaS startups can adopt a usage-based business model.

In a follow-up published today, he shares four tactics teams can use to gather, analyze and leverage customer data to take the guesswork out of pricing decisions.

“When the time comes to make decisions about product packaging and pricing, the first place you turn to should be the metering pipeline for historical usage data,” he writes.

Three more from the TC+ team:

TechCrunch+ is our membership program that helps founders and startup teams get ahead of the pack. You can sign up here. Use code “DC” for a 15% discount on an annual subscription!

Read More

Building a PLG motion on top of usage-based pricing image

Image Credits: miguelangelortega / Getty Images

Big Tech Inc.

Block monitoring firm PeckShield sent an ominous tweet directed at the crypto lending platform Euler Finance, simply saying: “Hi, you may want to take a look,” Lorenzo reports. A series of transactions indicated there was an ongoing hack against Euler.

Another few to keep you busy:

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