Microsoft’s real AI battle against Google begins | Seattle commute survey reveals big shift

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Microsoft was encroaching onto Google’s turf when it announced an AI-powered Bing search engine last month. This morning, the Redmond company started the equivalent of a home game — promising to use artificial intelligence to dramatically expand the powers of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and other core work apps.

It’s rocky times in the tech world, but Seattle entrepreneur Rich Barton is relishing the choppy seas. 

  • GeekWire co-founder John Cook interviewed the Zillow Group CEO, who shared lessons based on more than three decades in the tech business. Read more

A new survey on Seattle’s commute habits revealed that remote and hybrid work trends have impacted when and how workers get to the office.

  • On Mondays and Fridays, 57% of people whose jobs are in the city center are more likely to stay home. When they do come in, 22% are using public transit, compared to 46% in 2019. Read more.

Boston-based Tempo Software acquired LiquidPlanner, the 17-year-old Seattle startup that sells a suite of productivity software tools to businesses.

  • Co-founded by Charles Seybold and Jason Carlson in 2006, LiquidPlanner offers a predictive scheduling engine that uses priorities, capacity data, and work estimates to create schedules. Read more

Make room, Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, Storm and others. Seattle has a new professional sports team ready to tap into a fan base with strong ties to the region’s tech community.

  • The Seattle Orcas revealed their team name on Thursday ahead of plans to compete this summer in the debut season of Major League Cricket. The team is backed by a lead investor group of notable names from tech, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Read more

Tech Moves

  • Seattle tech veteran Rebecca Lovell joins Greater Seattle Partners as chief operating officer; Microsoft appoints Sandra Peterson as lead independent director, and other key personnel changes

  • Twitch co-founder and CEO Emmett Shear is resigning, 16 years after he helped launch the game streaming platform owned by Amazon.

Portland-based 3D-printed footwear startup Hilos raised $3 million to boost its efforts in reducing the carbon footprint linked to shoe production.

  • The startup pitches a “click-to-ship” supply chain to shoe brands, where customers can order their shoes and have them made on-demand by one of Hilos’ 3D printers. Read more.
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