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What's your coolest achievement as a tester? 🙌

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ISSUE 160  March 19th 2023




Welcome to the 160th issue!

This week, I found an uplifting discussion on Reddit:

What's your coolest achievement as a tester?

It's really interesting to see all the different things people are proud of.

It's also great to see all the hard work that goes into testing and the amazing things that come out of it.

Happy testing! 🙂

PS. The discussion also continues in this thread.

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A Way to Effectiveness: Release Quality, Volume and Speed in 1 QA Metric

Gleb Sarkisov came up with a modified formula for calculating the Defect Density metric and described this process in detail.

Furthermore, Dmytro Stekanov wrote a great article on Ensuring Quality in the Product Backlog: The Role of QA in Refinement.  Permalink


Faster, better, stronger — How the "QA gatekeeper" impacts overall velocity, quality, and confidence

Bruna Chagas advises on how to change the team's mindset and empower everyone to participate in testing activities.

Similarly, Liis Pass describes the process of Moving towards Modern Testing Practices: Easy Steps for Improving Your QA Processes.  Permalink


Future as QA?

Hey, I work as a Senior QA Engineer with almost 10 years of exp in a product development firm. I do almost everything but development. How can my role change after another 5 years?

Someone asked this question on Reddit and testers responded with several interesting scenarios.

In relation to that, Vincent Ferreira shared his journey From Developer to QA: Benefits of a Career Shift.  Permalink


Testing is Socially Challenging

In this honest article, Michael Bolton shares his thoughts on why testing can put us in uncomfortable situations and provides guidance on how to navigate that.  Permalink


Quality is a four letter word

Amit Wertheimer explains why quality is hard to define and why it should be broken down into specific qualities and properties instead.

Furthermore, Bart Vanherck reflects on the core principles of The Agile Manifesto.  Permalink




10 changes that improved our tests

Based on the experience of maintaining frequently-ran tests, Tom Perry shares what practices helped them improve pipeline stability.

Similarly, Christian Nissen gives a few tips on Effectively Reducing the Run Time of Automated UI Tests.  Permalink


Guide to Serverless & Lambda Testing — Part 2: Testing Pyramid

Continuing the series of articles on testing serverless apps, Ran Isenberg shows examples of different test levels. You can also read the first part about best practices.

Moreover, Zane Scheel wrote a good article about A Taste Test of AWS Services for the Software Quality Engineer.  Permalink


How to estimate test automation user stories in Agile Scrum

If your team works in Scrum, you might be familiar with story estimation. But how do you apply it to test automation tasks? Mohamed Yaseen wrote a thorough guide.  Permalink


Lindy's Law in Test Automation

Sometimes the proven solutions are best. Torsten J. Zelger shares the story of implementing a test automation framework several years ago that still works fine for them today.  Permalink


Test Coverage

Christian Findlay explains why implementing the right test type is more important than trying to meet a certain test coverage metric.

In relation to that, Rafael Miguel describes in detail the benefits of Using Branching Coverage to Improve Software Quality.  Permalink


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[Remote] QA Engineer @ TempMee

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As a QA, what tools do you use daily at your job?

Here's an interesting overview of tools that testers use regularly. They vary from IDE, Chrome extensions and bug-tracking tools.

Speaking of which, Anshita Bhasin wrote a Detailed Guide to Chrome Dev Tools.  Permalink


How to perform End-to-End API Testing using Playwright with Java and TestNG

If you're interested in API testing, Mohammad Faisal Khatri shares a thorough guide to Playwright for Java and TestNG.

Similarly, Butch Mayhew describes the Basics of API Testing with Playwright.  Permalink


How to optimize Cypress tests using JavaScript abilities? (Part 2. Recursion)

In the second part of the series, Alex Sanzhanov describes how recursion can come in handy in Cypress tests. You can also read the first part about loops.  Permalink


Painless BDD on iOS with XCTContext

Testing iOS mobile apps? Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy explains how to use XCTContext for writing tests in the Given When Then style.  Permalink


Balder — Achieving Better Product Quality with Reusable Tests

Max Stahlschmidt describes a brand new open-source tool — Balder — which allows you to reuse a once-written test code across different platforms, devices or applications.  Permalink


Visual testing using Playwright

Did you know that Playwright has a built-in solution for visual testing? Balaji Kumarasamy shows a few examples of using it.  Permalink




Dev vs QA... 😂



Thanks for reading!

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