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Articles & Tutorials
In this 2 posts series, Bevan Steele aims to give the simplest way possible to set up a CI/CD system for Android apps using GitHub Actions
Wildlife Studios is a top 10 mobile game studio, and they're sharing tips for maximizing game quality and organic discoverability. In this webinar, you'll learn from the best so you can also deliver world-class player experiences!
The privacy cheat sheet is a quick reference of some of the most useful privacy APIs in Android, as well as the best practices that you should keep top of mind when you design your app
Saldi Sourabh describes the Command pattern and shows how it can be put to use in Jetpack Compose.
Terence Zhang teaches about privacy best practices that can boost your app’s quality and popularity.
It’s easy to bring your video app to cars with Google built-in, and Ben Sagmoe shows you what's involved.
TJ details how WorkManager is set up for use in the multi-module Now in Android app.
In this article, Shreyas Patil demonstrates how to identify issues using Perfetto, using a simple example.
In this tutorial, Alex Styl teaches learn how to handle deep links in your Jetpack Compose app using the Jetpack Compose Navigation library
Marco Gomiero shows how he organized the codebase of MoneyFlow, a money management app written with Kotlin Multiplatform, Jetpack Compose, and Swift UI.
Alex Zhukovich shares how to create and customize the Switch component in Jetpack Compose and how to test their state is correct.
Android foreground services are difficult to get right. Erik Hellman explains the restrictions and what you need to do to get them working properly.
Simon Wirtz explores why Kotlin needs Context Receivers and how to use them.
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We at Bontouch have a simple but ambitious idea: to make the world’s greatest apps, and we develop products used by more than 50 million people in 196 countries. We are hiring for Stockholm & Kalmar. Join us!
We create tools to help churches organize information, coordinate events, communicate with teams, and connect with their congregation. We’re fully remote, relying on tools like GitHub, Slack, Notion, and Zoom. We value asynchronous and collaborative work. Sound like a good fit? Come join us!
Libraries & Code
This is a music player app built using Compose Multiplatform UI that works on #Android, #iOS, #Desktop, and #Web platforms.
DataClassGenerate (or simply DCG) is a Kotlin compiler plugin that addresses an Android APK size overhead from Kotlin data classes.
A curated list of awesome books, tutorials, courses, and resources for the Ktor framework ecosystem
During the Privacy Week for Android Developers, Google is focusing on the steps that you, the developer, can take to ensure that your apps are secure and privacy-conscious.
Google announced they’re making cross-platform game development even easier, by continuing to simplify and improve the onboarding process for Google Play Games on PC.
Enable your players to experience an immersive and seamless cross-platform gameplay.
Google has shared some exciting new tools and insights from Android and Google Play that will help developers like you build games for everyone.
Videos & Podcasts
The Coding with Italians team sat down with Marcel Pinto from Google to discuss the hot topic of notification permissions and privacy on Android.
A full guide by Breens Robert to getting started with building android applications with recommended design patterns and design using MVVM.
In this session, Adam McNeilly digs into a race condition when marking multiple tasks as completed and looks into how we can resolve that.
In this video, Alex details the latest on the Privacy Sandbox initiative on Android and their upcoming testing plans via the Developer Preview Programme and the recently launched Beta program.
Charfaoui Younes explores how to use Activity Result Contracts in Jetpack Compose, the modern toolkit for building native Android UIs.
Explore how the color algorithm systematically manipulates the source color's hue and chroma to create four additional, complementary key colors, and then uses them to create a tonal palette
Join Chris Arriola, Jolanda Verhoef, Simona Stojanovic, and Andrei Shikov to get answers to the Compose Layouts and Modifier questions you may have!
Philipp Lackner teaches the ins and outs of Room and local databases on Android so you can get started implementing your own.
Hear from leaders across our Android, Google Play, Ads, YouTube, and Cloud teams on new solutions for game developers that make it easier to build high quality games, scale their business, and reach growing audiences around the world
Playlist of all the presentations from droidcon Italy 2022
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