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ISSUE 169  May 21st 2023




Welcome to the 169th issue!

The results of the 10th State of Testing™ Survey are out!

It's one of the longest-running surveys for software testers, which makes it an excellent opportunity to see the latest trends.

Here's a great overview of the results. You can also check last year's results for comparison.

Happy testing! 🙂

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Can You Measure Quality?

That's a good question. Anas Fitiani shows a few approaches they tried in their company.

Furthermore, Michał Zawieja shares his Thoughts on Software Quality drivers.  Permalink


Organisational-level test strategies and modern approaches — Some thoughts-in-progress

If you want to know how others approach a high-level test strategy on a company level, here's one by Jared Quinert.  Permalink


Tester Imposter Syndrome

The imposter syndrome in testing is not uncommon, but there are ways to deal with it. Callum Akehurst-Ryan advises how.

Also, remember to avoid the 5 Toxic Attitudes That Can Destroy a QA's Career listed by Juliano Niero Moreno.  Permalink


Testing Basics: Positive and Negative Testing

This is a good reminder from Andreea Draniceanu about the role of testing various paths and when to use which.

Note: If you can't access the full article, open it in a private tab or another browser.  Permalink


What is software quality for a developer?

Flavien Huynh brings up an interesting perspective on how developers define quality. This can help testers understand better how to work with them.

However, remember about The 4 Critical Red Flags to Look Out for in Software Testing, as warned by Tania Zhydkova.  Permalink




Building Test Automation From Scratch

If you want to set up your own test automation framework, here's some good advice from Semih Aydin.

Furthermore, Ilya Shubinsky adds more context by Breaking down and reassembling automation to gain its full potential.  Permalink


How the Miro Developer Platform leverages contract testing

This is a very interesting story of the problems faced with testing API at Miro and the solutions they tried to make it successful.

You can also learn about Systems Modelling as an input to your Test Automation Design from Sumon Dey.  Permalink


Should we automate E2E tests?

That's a good question that many of us should ask. Sajitha Pathirana explains why the answer depends on the context.

Similarly, Paul Grizzaffi wonders what to do when An Automated Smoke Test Failed; Should We Still Test The Deployment?

Note: If you can't access the full article, open it in a private tab or another browser.  Permalink


Testing in Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples from TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, scikit-learn, Hugging Face, and More

In the first part of the series, Hitesh Hinduja shares some great knowledge and advice about testing in ML, including Python code examples.  Permalink


Why is it so important for software developers to write tests

Writing code without tests is generally not a good idea. Vitalii Serdiuk explains why.

Similarly, Patrick Alves emphasises that Automated Tests Are The Secret to Peaceful Nights from the developer's perspective.  Permalink




ChatGPT for Software Testers: My Experiment

Can ChatGPT really make you a better tester? Patrícia Oliveira tests this hypothesis with a few handy, practical examples.

Furthermore, Frank Moyer explains What Generative AI Can and Can't Do in Software Testing.  Permalink


Detox or Appium — Which Test Tool is Top?

Mitchell Davis wrote a solid comparison of the two popular tools for mobile app testing: Detox and Appium.

And speaking of mobile testing, Diogo Nunes wrote a concise Review of Maestro.  Permalink


Protractor.js is dead, What did we learn?

Protractor.js is yet another test tool that was winded down (as I first mentioned back in April 2021). Zhimin Zhan shares his thoughts on what happened and why.

Note: If you can't access the full article, open it in a private tab or another browser.  Permalink


Step-by-Step Guide: Migrating from Jest to Node.js Native Test Runner

Erick Wendel wrote a great, detailed guide to migrate from the most popular JavaScript test framework — Jest — to the recently-released Node's Test Runner.  Permalink


Using the Playwright Page Object Model

Madeline Caples wrote a fine guide to properly applying Page Object Model in Playwright.

Additionally, Butch Mayhew shows how to Calculate API Endpoint Coverage in Playwright.  Permalink


What programming languages and frameworks are on a roll right now?

The programming and tooling environment related to software testing is constantly changing. Here's an interesting Reddit thread about the latest trends.  Permalink




How to Build More Effective Relationships with Your Developers

To conclude this issue's theme of developers' involvement in quality and testing, here's an interesting talk between Tristan Lombard, Lisa Crispin and Larissa Rosochansky.  Permalink


Understanding SOLID Principles in Test Automation

SOLID Principles are one of the most commonly used in programming. But how do they apply to test automation? Pramod Dutta explains this in an 8-minute recording.  Permalink




We're safe... 😂



Thanks for reading!

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