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Today's big stories

  1. Tesla’s letting Ford drivers “fill up” at its network of fast-charging stations
  2. Profit margins could be in for an AI flex – Read Now
  3. Brits did some end-of-spring spending, giving retail sales a handy boost

Car Pool

Car Pool

What’s going on here?

Tesla decided that sharing is caring, and opened its network of EV charging stations to Ford drivers.

What does this mean?

The US is a vast country, and the distances that some Americans travel to work would carry you across half a dozen national borders somewhere like central Europe. But that free-wheeling spirit poses a problem for the EV industry: after all, charging stations are still few and far between, and drivers risk running out of power on longer journeys.

Now, though, Ford’s making life on the road a little easier for its EV owners: they’ll be given access to Tesla’s 12,000 fast-charging stations – more than doubling the number of fast-charging stations in Ford’s North American network. And while current owners will need an adapter to plug in, Ford’s next generation of EVs will be designed to connect seamlessly with Tesla’s stations.

Why should I care?

The bigger picture: An offer Tesla couldn’t refuse.

Let’s face it: Tesla didn’t have much of a choice here. The US government’s long had a problem with how jealously the firm guards its charging stations – and its latest tack essentially involved saying, “Nice government subsidies you’ve got there. It would be a shame if something happened to them.” That meant Tesla was planning to open up its charging network to all EVs by 2024 anyway. But whether that turns out to be a boon – or whether it just robs Tesla’s cars of a key competitive advantage – is still up in the air.

For markets: Early but expected.

Given that Tesla was already planning to open its charging network, analysts will already have factored this move’s cash-generating prospects into their predictions for the firm’s stock. So even though this announcement didn’t really change anything long-term, it has brought forward aspects of that plan – along with some of the profit. And that little fast-forward might explain why Tesla's stock rose on Friday.

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Analyst Take

Profit Margins Have Begun To Sag. AI Could Have A Fix.

Profit Margins Have Begun To Sag. AI Could Have A Fix.
Photo of Reda Farran

Reda Farran, Analyst

Profit margins have a huge influence on earnings growth and, in turn, stock market returns – a fact that doesn't go unnoticed by investors.

That’s why they pay close attention to their direction.

But today, we’re seeing some conflicting trends, which mostly come down to current levels of inflation and the future promise of AI.

So, I decided to dig into some insightful research from Goldman Sachs that explores the near-term and long-term outlooks for the S&P 500’s profit margins in more detail.

That’s today’s Insight: how profit margins could benefit from the AI revolution.

Read or listen to the Insight here


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Even today’s most successful companies aren’t guaranteed a seat at the top table in the future.

Just take fossil fuel companies, for example: as countries around the world start tidying up their acts with greener energy, some of those big-money companies could well be tossed aside.

But hey, at least you can stay ahead of the curve: by filtering companies on Swissquote, you can sort the future-forming firms from the ones more likely to be left behind.

And that’s not just environmental. You’ll get a rundown on social and governance scores too, and you can filter out specific industries that you’d rather avoid, like ones that do animal testing.

That means you could set up smarter bets for the future – and you’ll start reaping the rewards today: transfer or fund an account by May 30th, and you’ll get up to €500.

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Spring Forward

Spring Forward

What’s going on here?

Data out on Friday showed British retail sales had a spring in their step in April.

What does this mean?

Inflation might not have been showing much chill last month, but that didn’t stop gung-ho British shoppers splashing out. The tidy little splurge was probably partly down to higher welfare payments and a juiced-up minimum wage – but the long-awaited advent of sunnier weather might’ve triggered a national wardrobe update too. Still, it wasn’t just linens and parasols that folk were buying: sales rose in every category except for fuel and household goods. All in all, then, the volume of goods sold online and in stores increased 0.5% from March – almost double the uptick economists were expecting, and a welcome return to growth after a 1.2% dropoff in March.

Why should I care?

Zooming in: May may make good.

British spending seems to be hitting its stride: the three-month period leading up to April recorded the highest sales volume increase since August 2021 – and that momentum might keep on rolling. After all, May boasted three bank holidays and some warmer weather, giving shoppers ample opportunity to splurge. Add in the fact that consumer confidence climbed to an annual high, and there’s a good chance this month’s figures will keep the upward trend going. And that’s not to mention the lower energy price cap slated for July, which will leave Brits with a little more cash to splash this summer too.

The bigger picture: Wage war.

The British economy is holding out pretty well on the whole, but rising wages have been a key factor in its resilience, and that’s a problem. See, that juicy pay is sparking more fiery inflation – the opposite of what the Bank of England wants. So with some extra interest rate hikes on the cards, the economy’s true mettle could soon be put to the test.

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"Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act."

– Truman Capote (an American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright)
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