Physical vs. Digital Games: Should You Buy Physical Games?

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The enormous geodesic polyhedron, Spaceship Earth, at the center of Walt Disney World’s Epcot park, is clad in 11,324 silvered isosceles triangles. If a perfect polyhedron, it would have 11,520 isosceles triangles, but some are missing to make room for the massive legs and doors.

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June 5, 2023

Did You Know?

The enormous geodesic polyhedron, Spaceship Earth, at the center of Walt Disney World’s Epcot park, is clad in 11,324 silvered isosceles triangles. If a perfect polyhedron, it would have 11,520 isosceles triangles, but some are missing to make room for the massive legs and doors.

­čŹÄ It’s Apple Time

Apple is getting ready for its WWDC 2023 event later today, and we’ll be covering the important news as it happens. In the meantime, Microsoft has announced that the standalone Cortana assistant in Windows 10 is shutting down, and Roku streaming sticks are on sale again.

– Corbin

TODAY'S TOP STORY Physical vs. Digital Games: Should You Buy Physical Games?

Many video games are now available as a digital purchase or physical media, and increasingly, more games are only available digitally. Does it make sense to buy physical games anymore? Read More »

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Why “1% Lows” Matter in Video Games (And What Are They?)

If you’re a hardcore PC gamer or even a casual one, you’ve probably heard of the term “1% lows.” and “0.1% lows” But what does this term mean, and why does it matter? Buckle up, because it’s lesson time. Read More »

Bing Chat Can Now Have Even Longer Conversations

Bing Chat is great, but don’t you wish occasionally that you could have longer, better conversations with it? Microsoft is officially increasing the number of tokens per conversation so you can have longer conversations with its generative AI. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Wireless Headset Works Great and Is Only $30
This Wireless Headset Works Great and Is Only $30

Finding a headset that works the way you need it to can be a struggle, and it can quickly become frustrating if you’re dropping a lot of money on something that’s not working right. But right now, for just $30, you can try Logitech’s G435 gaming headset.

Logitech is a well-known and beloved brand in computer accessories, and the G435 has the quality you’d expect from the company. All you need to do is plug the adapter in, turn the headset on, and you have a lightweight wireless headset that just works—no tweaking of audio settings needed.

How to Optimize Multiple Stops Into a Round Trip on Google Maps

When you have a handful of stops to make, you don’t want to waste time and gas going from place to place randomly. A tool called “Routora” makes finding efficient routes super easy, and it works with Google Maps. Read More »

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Unplug or Turn Off When You Go On Vacation

From saving money on your electric bill to protecting sensitive electronics from damage, there are plenty of good reasons to unplug things when you go on vacation. Here’s what you should shut down, what you shouldn’t, and when. Read More »

Goodbye, Cortana

Microsoft introduced the Cortana virtual assistant to PCs in Windows 10, but it faded away from the forefront of the experience over time, to the point where its absence from Windows 11 wasn’t all that noticeable. Now, it’s going away on Windows 10, too. Read More »

The Best DDR5 RAM of 2023

DDR5 RAM is newer and faster than DDR4 RAM, and if you’re looking to upgrade, this standard will future-proof your rig. Much like its predecessor, DDR5 RAM sticks have a variety of speeds, lighting options, and price points. Read More »

Roku’s Streaming Devices Are Cheaper Than Ever Now

Roku’s streaming devices go on sale on a somewhat regular basis, but if you’ve missed the past few discounts, now’s your chance to snag a Roku Express, Express+, or Streaming Stick 4K on sale. Read More »

Why Your Android Phone Isn’t Getting Updates, and What to Do About It

Some Android devices get new features right away, while others never do. The Android operating system and the devices that use it are part of a diverse ecosystem, and that makes updates complicated. Let’s shed some light on the matter. Read More »

5 Reasons to Upgrade to the 11th Gen Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has continued to improve the Kindle Paperwhite over the years, and the latest 11th Gen model is perhaps the best e-reader in the lineup. If you’re on the fence about upgrading from your old Paperwhite, here are five compelling reasons to help you justify the leap to the latest model. Read More »

Will a Smart Thermostat Actually Save You Money?

There are a greater number of smart thermostats on the market than ever before, and one of the selling points is that they will save you money. But will they? Here are some key things to consider. Read More »

Is a Long Walk or Multiple Short Walks Better For You?

Finding low-impact ways to maintain your health is ideal for many of us. We’ve all heard that walking is good for us. But we’re often left with the question of long walks vs. short walks… which option is healthier? Read More »

Jabra Evolve2 55 Stereo Wireless Headset Review: A One-Thumb-Up Hybrid Headset

The Jabra Evolve2 55┬áStereo Wireless Headset may not look like much, but even discerning audiophiles will be surprised by the sound staging and rich highs and lows that this product delivers. And when it comes to comfort, this is the only headset I would use for a long day of calls and meetings. Read More »

Here's Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of June 5, 2023

Netflix is bringing the variety this week with its drops. From documentaries to the final season of a beloved series, there’s more than enough to keep your streaming all week long. Read More »

The 8 Things You Didn't Know You Should Be Cleaning

Most of us understand the importance of regular cleaning around the house. It’s easy to tackle the basics like sweeping your floors and wiping off countertops. Don’t forget to scrub the toilets and sinks. But, there are some things in your home that you might not know you should be cleaning. Read More »


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