Golang Weekly - Go's three new builtin functions

Plus running Go in Jypyter Notebooks, a Go app generator, and using htmx with Go. |

#​466 — June 27, 2023

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Go Weekly

Go 1.21 Release Candidate — Despite merely being in RC (the final release is expected in August), Go 1.21 fever is high right now. Set to be the biggest release since 1.18, there are a lot of good reasons to be excited this time, including:

Eli Bendersky

Built-in Functions in Go 1.21 — Some new builtin functions in Go 1.21 caught Anton's eye: min, max, and clear. Thankfully, even with these additions, there are still fewer than 20 in total to remember.

Anton Zhiyanov

Go! Experts at Your Service — Do you need help filling skill gaps, speeding up development & creating high performing software with Go, Docker, K8s, Terraform and Rust? We’ll help you maximize your architecture, structure, tech-debt and human capital.

Ardan Labs Consulting sponsor

▶  Using htmx with Go to Make Full Stack Apps — If you see React, Angular, or similar frontend frameworks and feel the panic rising, htmx provides an interesting lighter-weight alternative that’s more modern and, luckily, has more street cred than jQuery.



Solving 'Two Sum' in C (and Go) with a Tiny Hash Table — If you’re up for a simple algorithmic puzzle, this is for you. The author comes up with an efficient solution for something that initially appears to have quadratic complexity.

Chris Wellons

▶  Safe, Fast, and Easy: Building a Plugin System with WebAssembly — The creator of sqlc demonstrates a way to introduce plugins into a Go app in a secure, fast way with WebAssembly.

Kyle Conroy

 Time is Not a Synchronization Primitive — I imagine we’ve all been guilty of sleeping-in our code in order to “make sure” something else has had an opportunity to run, despite no guarantees it will!

Xe Iaso

How to Hack Kubernetes (and How to Protect It) — This roundup covers the top 7 ways your cluster is likely to be attacked, with a corresponding countermeasure for each.

Teleport | goteleport․com sponsor

How We Scaled to 100 Million Active Users Using Kafka and Go
Mohammad Hoseini Rad

Taking a Closer Look at io.SectionReader
Mustafa Durukan

🛠 Code & Tools

GoNB: A Go Notebook Kernel for Jupyter — In the Python world, you'll often see a “notebook” style of development where code is written and executed in a cross between a document and a REPL. Here’s a way to run Go in the same environment. Check out this welcome document to see the potential (note: the notebook itself doesn’t run on GitHub).

Jan Pfeifer

Create Go App CLI 4.0: Create a New Go Project in One — Imagine Create React App but for putting together a production-ready Go project with backend, frontend and deployment automation ready to go. It’s opinionated, naturally.

Create Go App

FusionAuth + Go – You’re Welcome — Add login, registration, SSO, MFA and more with our Go client library with just two lines of code.

FusionAuth sponsor

Dkron: A Cloud Native Job Scheduling System — A Go-powered system service for workload automation, running scheduled jobs, etc. Think cron but able to run in cluster form. GitHub repo. LGPL licensed with a pro option.

Distributed Works

tailer: CLI Tool to Insert Lines When Command Output Stops — The idea is simple. Pipe the output of something else into tailer and it will output its own lines during quiet moments to both show the gaps and that things are still working. Inspired by the Rust variant, spacer.

Halil ibrahim Onay

Lingua 1.3: A Natural Language Detection Library — Got text? Lingua will tell you which language it’s written in. Lingua supports long and short texts and handles over 70 languages. It’ll add over 100MB of weight to your project, though, but keeps everything local.

Peter M. Stahl


Join the Gno.land Team — Get to gno us! Sign up for a Q&A with our team to learn about joining Gno.land and building the next-gen smart contract platform.

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