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How Microsoft does QA 🧐

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ISSUE 187  September 27th 2023




Welcome to the 187th issue!

If there's only one thing you can read this week, it should be this:

How Microsoft does QA by Gergely Orosz.

It's full of insights, such as the origins of the SDET role or the transition into the test pyramid.

You can learn even more from the discussion under this LinkedIn post, as well as this clarification on some of the concepts mentioned in the original article.

So, happy testing! 🙂

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AI Changes Exploratory Testing

There's an ongoing discussion in the community about the capabilities of AI in testing. Here, Jason Arbon outlines how it can help with exploratory testing.

However, keep in mind that generative AI, such as ChatGPT, might be Reliably Unreliable, as Michael Bolton warns.  Permalink


The Great Testing Transition

In this article, Madeline Van Der Paelt explains how DevOps culture impacts the modern approach to testing.

Inevitably, it leads to discussions such as this big one on Reddit: Anyone here tired of companies eliminating QA and expecting dev to do testing?  Permalink


The Importance Of Testing In A Reliable Staging Environment

This is a great explanation by Amy Stuart of the importance of having a stable test environment in your company.

What may also help is practising Chaos Engineering to check the stability and reliability of services, as per Artem Savytskyi's suggestion.  Permalink


Want to Increase Your Salary as a Tester? Look for a New Job

In an honest way, Dennis Martinez shares some career advice for getting better pay as a tester.  Permalink




Basic API and UI test automation framework

Using an interview coding task as an opportunity to experiment and learn, Aleksei Parfentjev shows the structure, design and approach to setting up a test framework for UI and API.

Speaking of test design, there are a few suggestions on using the Page Object Model for simple click/type methods.  Permalink


Contract Tests: A New Hope

Edgar Miró shares a detailed story of how they approached contract testing in their company and what they learned.  Permalink


Leak detection into UI tests on Android

If you want to find out about memory leaks in your Android app, Danil Perevalov wrote a handy guide explaining how to use LeakCanary during UI tests.

Furthermore, Sergio Sastre Florez describes how to do Cross-Library Screenshot Testing with AndroidUiTestingUtils 2.0.0.  Permalink


The Dark Side of Full Test Automation

Ryan Craven gives a few reasons why we shouldn't aim for 100% test automation.

And in the final part of the series, Gil Zilberfeld tells us about The 4 Attributes of Testability: Reproducibility.  Permalink


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Introducing TestingPod: Your New QA Resource

Check out TestingPod for all things QA. Explore articles from expert authors, many previously featured in Software Testing Weekly! TestingPod covers various testing topics, including manual testing, automation, agile testing, AI, and more. Start reading here!  Permalink




Cypress Custom Commands

If you want to learn in detail how to improve your Cypress tests' readability with custom actions, here's a decent guide by Anshita Bhasin.  Permalink


Enhancing Jest snapshot testing to performance test your application

Did you know you can use snapshot tests to measure the performance degradation of your frontend? Here's an intriguing example in Jest by Kiet Lau.  Permalink


How did I run tests at least 10x faster with Playwright?

Hasan Gürhan shows a few practical tricks on speeding up your Playwright tests, including built-in parallelism, sharding and CI config.

Moreover, Vitaliy Potapov wrote a handy guide to Generating BDD tests with ChatGPT and running them with Playwright.  Permalink


What tools do you use to capture bugs?

There are many bug-reporting productivity tools available on the market, and this thread shows what people prefer to use.  Permalink




Lessons Learned in Software Testing Book Review

In case you haven't read it yet, Nicola Lindgren wrote a handy overview of the classic Lessons Learned in Software Testing book.  Permalink




2000s vs 2020s... 😂



Thanks for reading!

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