How to keep your best employees during layoffs

How to keep your best employees during layoffs | practice | Ramp up innovation: Add clarity to psychological safety
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October 23, 2023
SmartBrief on Leadership
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How to keep your best employees during layoffs
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Offering "across-the-board" exit packages when trimming your staff may tempt your best employees to bolt, so take time beforehand to identify them (they could be well below your executive level), find ways to communicate how vital they are and offer them a chance to develop their skills, write leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith and Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management professor Kelly Goldsmith. "They may not be your company's most important contributors today, but they may well be in the future," they write.
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Put it into practice: Research shows more than half of exiting employees from a top accounting firm had no idea that the company valued their contribution and they were moving on because they did not feel important, write Kelly Goldsmith and Marshall Goldsmith. "You have to let the people you need to keep the most know how truly unique and important they are. If you don't, your competitors will."
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SmartBrief on Leadership
Ramp up innovation: Add clarity to psychological safety
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Leaders who aim to foster psychological safety in their organization may find that while it encourages creativity, it does not necessarily lead to implementable ideas, write Karin Hurt and David Dye, the CEO and president of Let's Grow Leaders. Adding clarity into the equation creates an "empowered ecosystem," which helps team members feel valued and makes it more likely their ideas can be turned into actionable solutions, they say.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (10/20) 
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Put it into practice: Provide clarity by setting specific goals, outlining constraints and identifying key areas for innovation, Hurt and Dye suggest. Use their clarity and safety model to determine where your company is going awry so you can make adjustments.
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Last week's World Menopause Day highlighted the importance of recognizing menopause in the US workplace -- where 45% of women are over age 45, Forbes reports, and 75% say employers don't offer support, Mujda Rasoul of Peninsula Canada writes. A majority of women say menopause symptoms affect their work, and studies show it costs American companies anywhere from $237 million to $26.6 billion annually -- but many businesses, such as digital health care concierge Evernow, offer ways employers can be proactive.
Full Story: Law360 (10/19),  Forbes (tiered subscription model) (10/18),  Forbes (tiered subscription model) (10/18),  All Things IC (UK) (10/20) 
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Put it into practice: Know that a host of menopause symptoms can start in a woman's 30s and last until, through and past full-fledged menopause; that symptoms differ for each person; and the whole experience is baffling to many women since the subject is too often hush-hush. Companies can offer workshops for education and awareness; promote open dialogue with managers and through an employee resource group; and offer remote working options and flexible hours, as well as rest areas when a symptom episode peaks.
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Are there productivity benefits from monotasking?
While multitasking is habitual for most people, its disadvantages for productivity are significant, causing tasks to take longer due to the time needed to shift attention and resulting in an increase in errors, writes Stephanie Vozza. To improve her productivity, Vozza conducted an experiment in which she monotasked for a whole week, eating breakfast without checking email and going for a walk without listening to a podcast, noting that it allowed her to slow down and focus on the current task.
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Beware! Every country has its version of the boogeyman
Almost every country has some version of a boogeyman from the Jersey Devil in the US, Canada's Seven O'Clock Man (who enforces bedtimes), Ecuador's Kuartam, a tree frog that can shape-shift into a tiger, a variety of European witches and djinn and goblins in the Middle East. The monsters are often concocted mainly to keep misbehaving children in line, but as Purdue University researchers note, "Fear uses the lower levels of the brain, so children do not learn to think when parents use fear."
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