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Team-based interface design, Figma lets you collaborate on designs in real time.

#Prototyping #Design Tools #Design Collaboration

HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot is a cloud-based inbound marketing software that allows businesses to transform the way that they market online.

#Marketing Automation #Email Marketing #Email Marketing Platforms


Holistic service management: service, support + customer care. From Ticketing to Helpdesk, Service Desk, ITSM to Enterprise Service Management

Featured #Service Management Software #Customer Service #Help Desk And Ticketing

Real-time image-processing, optimization, and Content Delivery Network

#Digital Asset Management #Developer Tools #Development Tools

AI-based solution that allows users to generate videos with a digital presenter from text

#AI #SaaS #Video Editing

Contractor+ App

Everything home service contractors need in one app.

#Contractors #Project Management #Billing & Invoicing


Get A Better Photo Quality Online with the Power of AI

#Photos & Graphics #Photo Editing #Photo Enhancer


The only investor management software you'll ever need.

#Finance #Investing #Investors

Use ChatGPT anywhere you type or highlight without copy-pasting. Ask AI to write, improve, paraphrase, summarize, translate, explain, or reply to any text with one click.

#AI #Ai Copilot #AI Writing


The collaboration platform for software development visualizing data models and APIs in JSON, Prisma, GraphQL and Protobuf.

#SaaS #Data Visualization #Code Collaboration

Junia AI

Junia AI is the best AI writing tool for SEO and long-form blog posts! Generate in-depth, plagiarism-free content that ranks on Google even without backlinks. Ready to win the SEO game?

#SEO Writing #AI Writing #Writing Tools

Warmup Inbox

Warmup Inbox is a tool that automates the process of warming up your email inboxes, raising your sender reputation and inbox health automatically.

Featured #Email Warm Up #Cold Outreach #Startup Marketing

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Top products as selected by the SaaSHub's experts community.

  1. HubSpot - Grow Better With HubSpot: Software that's powerful, not overpowering. Seamlessly connect your data, teams, and customers on one CRM platform that grows with your business.
  2. - The most intuitive platform to manage projects and teamwork
  3. Medium - Welcome to Medium, a place to read, write, and interact with the stories that matter most to you. Every day thousands of new voices share…

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