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A project management software for teams who dare to dream differently.

#Work Collaboration #Task Management #Todos

Good Old Tetris

Play Tetris Online. The game that will never get old.

#Tetris Online #Tetris #Games


RealityMAX is the most powerful free 3D design collaboration platform, 100% online. Cooperate remotely with your colleagues on 3D projects and easily share your work with clients. Create Web3D and AR experiences in a snap, without a line of code.

Featured #Design Tools #Design Collaboration #3D


The most user-friendly, effective and affordable one-way video interviews

#Hiring Tools #Video Platform #Hiring And Recruitment


Simply.Coach is a coaching management platform that simplifies, automates & elevates individual and team coaching and makes it easier for you to grow your coaching business

#Coaching #Coaching Management #Coaching Tools

Feedspace: a platform with an unlimited solution. Be it audio and video feedback, testimonials, bug reports, tutorials, one-way interviews, or much more, Feedspace is here for it all. Now introducing exciting features like Wall of Love and QR codes!

#Customer Feedback #Visual Feedback #Surveys


SafeReport is a comprehensive whistleblowing platform, ethics hotline and HR tool. It is a secure, intuitive and easy to use solution, which allows employees to report instances of wrongdoing.

#HR #HR Tools #Governance, Risk And Compliance


InspectEasy is a building inspection app created for property inspectors in Australian and New Zealand, that simplifies the process of conducting property inspections with an app for IOS and Android tablets and phones.

#Construction #Construction Management #Compliance


Hey you, meet "you"....Vana lets you create a mini-"you" using the power of your data and AI.

#AI #Data Management #Clone


Career changers get hired in tech 50% faster using our all-in-one job search platform. Get access to our Job Tracker, AI Resume Builder, AI Cover Letter Generator, AI Career Coach, Junior Tech Job Board, Community, and more. Start for free.


Create multilingual price quote, ROI, and finance calculators with drag & drop. Easy to embed on any website. No developer or coding skills required. Try our easy calculator builder for free on our website - instant access, no signup required.

#Website Tools #Widgets #Online Calculators


Create automated newsletter campaigns with an affordable email marketing solution

Featured #Email Marketing #Newsletter Marketing #Email Marketing Platforms

SaaSHub Experts

Top products as selected by SaaSHub's experts community.

  1. GitLab - Create, review and deploy code together with GitLab open source git repo management software | GitLab
  2. OpenSearch - OpenSearch is a community-driven, open source search and analytics suite derived from Apache 2.0 licensed Elasticsearch 7.10.2 & Kibana 7.10.2. It consists of a search engine daemon, and a visualization and user interface, OpenSearch Dashboards.
  3. CodePen - A front end web development playground.
  4. Slack Platform - Helping you build for your team or millions of SlackHQ users
  5. Amazon ECS - Amazon EC2 Container Service is a highly scalable, high-performance​ container management service that supports Docker containers.

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I hope this week's selection was useful.

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