Charted | Visualizing All of the U.S. Currency in Circulation 💵

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Visualizing All of the U.S. Currency in Circulation

This graphic illustrates the amount of physical U.S. dollar bills in circulation globally, by denomination.
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Invest in a New Era of Infrastructure

Billions in federal infrastructure spending was allocated in the last congress.

Explore how the Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF (PAVE) delivers access to dozens of companies involved in multiple facets of domestic infrastructure.

Learn more about PAVE

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Why is the U.S. Spending $1.2 Trillion on Infrastructure?

Discover why the U.S. received a 'C-' for its infrastructure and learn about the country's efforts to revitalize its ailing backbone in this new three-part series.
Ranked: The Top 25 Countries for Retirement

Of the 44 nations analyzed for retirement welfare, these 25 score well on health, financial, and social support for their aging populations.

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