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View Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files in Angular Application

This blog explains how to view Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) in an Angular application using the Syncfusion PDF Viewer. This is achieved by converting Microsoft Office files into PDFs and loading them into the PDF Viewer....


7 Best CI/CD Tools for React in 2024

Continuous Integration (CI) tools are pivotal in automating the software development process, especially for dynamic frameworks like React. In 2024, the landscape of CI tools has evolved, offering more specialized, efficient, and developer-friendly options. Here’s a curated li...


Building a Theme Switcher in React

This guide expands on our earlier discussions about creating composable themes for React components, focusing on design tokens, theme providers, and context for customizable styling. Here, we'll......


Dev Digest 107 - and the OSScar goes to...

Last Friday, I released the 107th edition of WeAreDevelopers DevDigest. It celebrated the 35th birthday of the World Wide Web, we had a video of me interviewing the founders of Daytona about going open source, we covered the news around Devin, the first AI software engineer an...

Christian Heilmann

Mastering React Idle Timer: A Comprehensive Guide

Idle logout is a security measure used in applications to automatically log out users after a certain period of inactivity. This is particularly useful in scenarios where sensitive information is......

In Plain English

How to analyze the bundle size in React App

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to analyze the create react app bundle size using source-map-explorer. Analyzing the......

Sai gowtham

Explaining Promises, Async, and Await in JavaScript

Modern JavaScript is built on promises and callbacks. Let's learn what promises are and how we can make their usage easier using async functions....

Unicorn Utterances

Cypress Flaky Tests Exercises

No one likes flaky tests, not even their mama (you who wrote them). Luckily, most flaky tests come from several specific places: application taking time to process a user action, page re-rendering, et...

Gleb Bahmutov

Using The Angular.js Parser To Comply With CSP In Alpine.js 3.13.5

Ben Nadel uses the Angular.js expression parser to create a robust and CSP-compliant Alpine.js application....

Ben Nadel

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