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Workshop on LangChain, OpenAI's Sora text-to-video tool, Introduction of Anthropic's Claude 3, Deepfake misuse, AI memory and Security

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ISSUE 178  March 20th 2024

Justin Grammens

Justin Grammens


Woot! Welcome Applied AI Weekly Readers to Issue 178. I'm thrilled to once again share with you the most interesting articles I've found this past week on Artificial Intelligence. Before we go there, here are a few things to note:...

  • I did a virtual Workshop on Wednesday back on March 6th entitled Let's Learn LangChain! You can watch the recording of that talk. Be sure to like and subscribe as well!
  • I'll be doing a follow-up virtual Workshop Wednesday on April 3rd entitled Let's Continue Learning LangChain!. Regardless of your background or technical level, if you've always wanted to learn more about LangChain and how it is revolutionizing the way applications work with Large Language Models, I hope you can join us!
  • I'm continuing to offer free consultation with many business leaders on how AI is changing the landscape of how you will run your business today and into the future. This can be everything from how I'm working on building chatbots, looking at open source LLMs, and how GPTs are changing how products are being developed from product management to software engineering. Connect today and book a meeting with me.
  • The latest Conversation on Applied AI Podcast with Jody Carey has dropped. Check it out!
  • Finally, be sure to visit the AppliedAI.MN and Applied AI Spring Conference 2024 to register for all the upcoming events.

Now that we have that covered, please enjoy the articles that I have spent time finding and curating for you this past week. Reach out if there's anything you feel I might have missed. Enjoy!

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How Openai’s Text-to-Video Tool Sora Could Change Science – and Society

The release of OpenAI’s Sora text-to-video AI tool last month was met with a mix of trepidation and excitement from researchers who are concerned about misuse of the technology. The California-based company showcased Sora’s ability to create photorealistic videos from a few short text prompts, with examples including clips of a woman walking down a neon-lit street in Tokyo and a dog jumping between two windowsills.  Permalink


OpenAI and Elon Musk

The mission of OpenAI is to ensure AGI benefits all of humanity, which means both building safe and beneficial AGI and helping create broadly distributed benefits. We are now sharing what we've learned about achieving our mission, and some facts about our relationship with Elon. We intend to move to dismiss all of Elon’s claims.  Permalink


Introducing the Next Generation of Claude \ Anthropic

Today, we're announcing the Claude 3 model family, which sets new industry benchmarks across a wide range of cognitive tasks. The family includes three state-of-the-art models in ascending order of capability: Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opus.  Permalink


ChatGPT Will Now Remember Its Past Conversations With You (if You Want It To)

ChatGPT is getting the ability to recall snippets of information you ask it to remember. Here's how the feature works and how to opt in (or out!). OpenAI just announced it's testing new memory features for ChatGPT, allowing the artificial intelligence tool to remember information from your conversations to prevent repetition and enhance future discussions.  Permalink


Trump Supporters Target Black Voters With Faked AI Images

BBC Panorama discovered dozens of deepfakes portraying black people as supporting the former president.

Mr Trump has openly courted black voters, who were key to Joe Biden's election win in 2020.

But there's no evidence directly linking these images to Mr Trump's campaign.

The co-founder of Black Voters Matter, a group that encourages black people to vote, said the manipulated images were pushing a "strategic narrative" designed to show Mr Trump as popular in the black community.  Permalink




Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Bring Efficiency and Innovation to Your Business

At Recursive Awesome, we have a team of consultants to help leaders leverage Artificial Intelligence to bring efficiency and innovation to their business. We are experts in strategy, implementation, and training to help you use modern technology and AI tools from leading solution providers. Contact us today!  Permalink




Here Come the AI Worms

Security researchers created an AI worm in a test environment that can automatically spread between generative AI agents—potentially stealing data and sending spam emails along the way.  Permalink




Figure 01 - OpenAI Speech-to-Speech Reasoning

With OpenAI, Figure 01 can now have full conversations with people -OpenAI models provide high-level visual and language intelligence -Figure neural networks deliver fast, low-level, dexterous robot actions Everything in this video is a neural network:  Permalink




Move Over Gemini, Open-Source AI Has Video Tricks of Its Own

Google dazzled the world with its demo this month of its most cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI) model, Gemini 1.5, a follow-up to the first Gemini model, which was released last December. Among other feats, Gemini 1.5 excels at things such as the "needle-in-a-haystack" challenge, where the model must identify a frame of video matching a text description.  Permalink


A Google AI Watched 30,000 Hours of Video Games - Now It Makes Its Own

AI continues to generate plenty of light and heat. The best models in text and images—now commanding subscriptions and being woven into consumer products—are competing for inches. OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic are all, more or less, neck and neck.

It’s no surprise then that AI researchers are looking to push generative models into new territory. As AI requires prodigious amounts of data, one way to forecast where things are going next is to look at what data is widely available online, but still largely untapped.  Permalink

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