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April 01, 2024

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Jordyn Grzelewski, Jasmine Sheena, Margarita Noriega


Truck stop glow-up

An aerial rendering of trucks charging at a Greenlane site. Greenlane

The Biden administration has spelled out its strategy for decarbonizing the freight industry, and industry appears to be answering the call.

Lets go, chargers: On Wednesday, Greenlane—a $675 million joint venture made up of heavy trucking giant Daimler Truck North America, energy company NextEra Energy, and investment firm BlackRock—unveiled its plan for a 280-mile commercial EV charging corridor between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

  • The corridor, which Greenlane will kick off with three initial locations in southern California, will feature more than 100 public chargers along Interstate 15, according to a press release.
  • Facilities along the corridor will be placed about 60 to 90 miles apart.

The announcement marks the start of Greenlane’s plan to establish a nationwide fast-charging and hydrogen fueling network for commercial vehicles.

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Introducing After Earnings

The Crew

The stock market’s changed. Once dominated by a few huge players, a new wave of engaged retail investors has emerged with more influence than ever.

After Earnings is the show that connects the modern investor with the executives and decision-makers shaping the markets. Listen now as Austin Hankwitz and Katie Perry bring the conversations that used to be available only to hedge fund managers to the rest of us.


A new view

A robot arm reaching out and touching a screen displaying a web browser Amelia Kinsinger

The ’90s saw many landmark events: the OJ Simpson trial, the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, and perhaps much less seriously, the rise of frosted tips.

One slightly less earth-shattering event was the development of search-engine optimization, or SEO, which has come to define search-engine rankings—and in turn, what content internet users encounter—since not long after the first search engines did.

But SEO is now, in turn, being affected by another landmark event: the debut of generative AI. Since ChatGPT exploded last year, marketers are finding new ways to assist their clients’ sites’ search rankings using generative AI, whether that’s through content creation or internal linking protocols.

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Coworking with Jamie Domenici

Klaviyo CMO Jamie Domenici Jamie Domenici

Coworking is a weekly segment where we spotlight Tech Brew readers who work with emerging technologies. Click here if you’d like a chance to be featured.

How would you describe your job to someone who doesn’t work in tech? My job is to understand, think about, and improve the entire customer journey, from when a person first becomes aware of our product to their post-purchase experience. I’ve worked in product marketing, sales, and customer success, so I really understand what it’s like for someone at every step of the customer journey. My role as CMO is to continue learning about our customers’ experiences and influence each stage to increase the likelihood of them buying our product.

I also get to talk to really cool customers like Good American and Mattel, as well as our employees, to make sure we’re showing up the right way in our market. People see branding and marketing as an inconvenient expense, but it’s actually the key to everything a company does. Investing in your brand drives awareness; awareness drives traffic; traffic goes to your website, and your website is where you capture leads, which is what drives revenue.

What’s the most compelling tech project you’ve worked on, and why?

When I started at Salesforce over 10 years ago, the company made one product, and we had a few thousand employees. When I left, it was a company with tens of thousands of employees and valued at nearly $200 billion. The time spent being a part of growth and the challenges we faced undoubtedly shaped how I work and how I lead teams.

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Stat: 68 trillion won ($51 million). That’s the amount of money Hyundai has pledged to invest over three years in South Korea to boost EV production, bucking a recent industry trend of pulling back on EV investments.

Quote: “Unacceptable for filing.”—Part of the FCC Space Bureau’s ruling on SpaceX’s application to use specific spectrum bands for a mobile satellite service system

Read: She reads the newspaper on TikTok—and her videos are going viral (NPR)


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