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A peek into how fintech's evolution is challenging norms and setting new benchmarks.

April 11, 2024

FinTech Weekly dives into the heart of financial technology's evolutionary disruption, casting a spotlight on how artificial intelligence, blockchain, and innovative digital platforms are not just reshaping, but fundamentally rewriting the rules of finance. This week, we journey through the seismic shifts initiated by visionaries and the silent revolutions brewing within traditional banking corridors. Through tales of resilience and strategic innovation, we encounter the vanguards who dare to redefine monetary interactions, offering a glimpse into a future where finance is inclusively accessible yet fiercely secure. Yet, this inclusivity does not come at the expense of security. The narrative we explore is one of robust defense mechanisms woven seamlessly into the fabric of financial transactions. Blockchain technology, with its immutable ledgers, and artificial intelligence, with its predictive capabilities against fraud, are at the forefront of this secure yet accessible future. As we explore the narratives of firms and individuals steering this transformative wave, it becomes clear: the fusion of technology and finance is not just an evolution—it's a revolution in disguise. This and much more in this number of FinTech Weekly: discover top fintech news and events and stay ahead of competition!

Chinese fintech Ant Group targets global growth after Jack Ma’s exit
Chinese fintech Ant Group targets global growth after Jack Ma’s exit
— via Financial Times

After a $37 billion IPO halt by Chinese regulators in 2020 and a significant restructuring mandated by Beijing, Jack Ma's Ant Group saw its value drop by 40%. Now, distancing from its previous low-profile approach, Ant is expanding globally, including a bid for Credit Suisse’s Chinese unit, aiming to revive growth in the post-Ma era despite a previous $984 million fine and a decreased valuation.

Adventure awaits—get a $200 Delta gift card
Adventure awaits—get a $200 Delta gift card
— via BILL

Tax season is stressful—but it doesn’t have to be. Take a BILL Spend & Expense demo to learn how your business can: Automate expense reports Get cash back up to 2.25% Get flexible credit that scales with your business Plus, when you demo BILL Spend & Expense, you’ll get a $200 Delta gift card. Request a demo

Promote your Job at FintechWeekly
Promote your Job at FintechWeekly
— via Fintech Weekly

Unlock access to a community of top-tier fintech professionals by posting your job listings on FintechWeekly. Starting from just €299, you can amplify your recruitment reach and find the perfect match for your team. Post your job today and attract the talent you need to elevate your business.

AI in Finance Summit New York
AI in Finance Summit New York
— via RE•WORK X

Join us for RE•WORK's highly anticipated AI in Finance Summit New York 2024, happening on April 18-19, 2024, at etc.venues 360 Madison, in New York, NY. Get the latest cutting-edge use cases from people leading AI initiatives from the most innovative companies in BFSI. Learn how companies from other sectors are: - Using the most effective ML Models to combat fraud - Advancing conversational AI for chatbots with NLP - Embracing ethical and transparent AI practices to protect the privacy of their customers - ... And much more! To register, visit: Use discount code: FINTECHWEEKLY for 30% discount

FinTech World Forum 2024
FinTech World Forum 2024
— via FinTech World Forum 2024

FinTech World Forum 2024 is based in London UK Europe as one of leading fintech events 2023 for global financial services, finance and banking technology industry. Its focuses on Mobile Payments, Lending, Insurance, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Investment, Money, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Digital, Innovation, Wallet, Pensions, Funds, Payment, Tech, Financial Services, Technology, Bank, Wealth Management, Insurtech, Regtech and Wealthtech. For more info visit:

Impact Investing World Forum 2024
Impact Investing World Forum 2024
— via Impact Investing World Forum (ESG – IIWF)

Impact Investing Conference 2024 in London is the Impact Investing World Forum (IIWF) 2024 as one of leading social impact investment events for ESG Funds, UN SDGs, Investor and sustainable investing in UK Europe Oxford University. The event brings together hedge funds, wealth management, private equity, venture capital, foundations, endowments, bonds and ESG investing professionals. More info: https://impactinvestingconferences.

FIBE Fintech Berlin 2024
FIBE Fintech Berlin 2024
— via Messe Berlin GmbH

Seeking dynamic speakers spanning fintech, banking, science, and tech? Craving to broaden your network across the fintech ecosystem? Look no further than Berlin's premier fintech festival, FIBE,, your ultimate destination this spring!

The Top 10 Ways AI is Revolutionizing Financial Technology In the UK
— via TechDirectory

TechDirectory delves into the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the UK's financial technology sector. Highlighting the top 10 innovations, from chatbots to fraud detection, the video showcases how AI is enhancing service delivery, customer experience, and operational efficiency in finance. It provides insights into how businesses are adopting AI for data-driven decision-making and the latest AI advancements reshaping the UK's financial landscape. Tune in for an informative exploration of AI's role in revolutionizing financial technology in the UK and subscribe for more updates on AI's intersection with finance.

Philippines: Experts weigh in on leveraging fintech, blockchain solutions for OFW remittances
— via CoinGeek

Industry experts discuss blockchain's role in transforming sectors, notably in digital identity and remittances for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). The conversation, focusing on "Rebuilding Trust in the New Global Digital Economy and Digital Identity," emphasizes blockchain's capacity for secure, transparent, and efficient global trade and financial inclusion.

How Nigeria can leverage the rise of fintech for economic progress
— via World Bank

Fintech is revolutionizing Nigeria's banking, enhancing financial service reach and efficiency, and contributing significantly to the African fintech landscape. By introducing mobile banking and digital payments, fintech is broadening financial inclusion and economic opportunities for underserved communities. According to a 2022 McKinsey report, Africa's financial services could see revenues of $230 billion by 2025, with Nigeria's fintech sector representing a substantial portion of this growth. Despite these advances, challenges remain, as roughly half of Nigeria's adults are still unbanked, mainly due to traditional banking infrastructure gaps, particularly in rural areas.

‘Outside of the banks’: Swiss fintech startup to help customers from struggling economies
— via Euronews

Swiss fintech nsave, co-founded by Amer Baroudi, offers secure foreign accounts to individuals from economically unstable regions to protect their assets against currency depreciation. Baroudi, who fled Damascus, Syria, understands firsthand the difficulties of banking in a new country, including discrimination based on one's origin during bank risk assessments.

10 Companies Powering FinTech with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
— via Marktechpost

Integrating AI into the finance sector has sparked significant transformation, enhancing efficiency, security, and user experience. This discussion will highlight firms employing AI in innovative ways within finance, demonstrating their contributions' impact.

Stockholm-based Scayl emerges from stealth and raises €100 million to grow the loan books of European fintech lenders
— via EU-Startups

Scayl, launched by former venture capital, fintech, and senior financial services executives, has raised €100 million to support European fintech lenders. Positioned as a "fintech for fintech lenders," Scayl offers transparent funding solutions that enable credit product fintechs to finance their loan portfolios more flexibly and ten times faster than traditional negotiations with banks and credit funds. Founded in 2023 by Medjit Yalmaz, Patrik Blomdahl, and Jatin Goyal, who have extensive experience in financing SME and consumer loans, Scayl aims to solve the challenges of debt financing for fintech lenders by providing a dedicated platform and funding product designed for their specific needs.

The EU wasted €60M on a pointless fintech fad — but the Belgians won’t let it die
— via Politico

The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure Consortium (EBSI), an EU fintech initiative that spent €60 million with little result, received support from Mathieu Michel, brother of EU Council chief Charles Michel. Initially backed by the European Commission and member states, EBSI aimed to enhance the EU's digital infrastructure with blockchain. However, diminished enthusiasm due to blockchain's unmet expectations led to its decline. Leveraging Belgium's EU presidency, Mathieu Michel revived interest in EBSI, proposing a "metaverse" direction and securing endorsements from about a dozen states. Despite this, there's skepticism about the project's vague goals and the risk of further wasted investments.


Senior Manager, Learning & Development (L&D)
Senior Manager, Learning & Development (L&D)
— via Forward Financing

As Forward’s first L&D leader, you will have the opportunity to build upon and establish a framework for designing and executing end-to-end scalable programs for the development of leaders, managers, and employees at all levels

SVP, Controller
SVP, Controller
— via OppFi

As a member of the Finance Team, you will lead the Accounting function to ensure robust internal financial controls and accuracy of reporting in accordance with GAAP and public company standards.

Data and Analytics Platform Engineer
Data and Analytics Platform Engineer
— via Avant

If you’re interested in working with data engineers, data scientists, and other internal data customers to design and build out our next generation platform, the DNA Platform Engineer position is for you!

Show all Job Postings
Show all Job Postings
— via Fintech Weekly

Exciting opportunities await in the dynamic world of fintech! Explore all of FintechWeekly's current job listings. Whether you're an industry veteran or a budding professional, our curated selection has something for everyone.

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