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One week to go before dub dub! Here's a round-up of what's happening. 📅

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ISSUE 663  May 31st 2024




One week to go until WWDC, which means it’s time to recap what’s going on, no matter how you’ll be attending: Fully remote, in-person with a local group, or on-site in Cupertino.

It’s good to see that Apple continues to recognise community events on the official site, but I found having all of the remote events listed alongside the in-person ones a little overwhelming. What it does show is how much stuff goes on around this conference. With more than 30 events and watch parties listed worldwide, the conference should not need to be a solo experience unless you want it to be! If the “list of everything” on the official site is too much, there’s a much more structured community-curated version in Paul Hudson’s WWDC events repository.

The main community-run event is One More Thing. I wrote some words on this brand-new event a few weeks ago when they first announced it, and it looks like things are coming together. There’s a partial list of speakers on the site, special events running all week, and of course, this will be the best place to view the keynote if you’re in Cupertino without a golden ticket. 🎟️

But that’s not it when it comes to community events, with coffee events every morning and at least one evening event per day, you won’t be short of friends if you’re in Cupertino for the week.

What else? Well no WWDC week would be complete without a “Live near WWDC” benefit concert from James Dempsey and the Breakpoints, and thankfully, the week is complete! 🎸

The most important thing you can do now is get your tickets for any events you’d like to attend. Almost all events require registration or a ticket, and they’ll sell out so don’t delay!

I’ll be following along from home this year, but will still sing along to “One more thing…” on Wednesday evening as if I were there. 👍

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Configuring Previews

There have been plenty of posts about SwiftUI previews over the years, so I admit I wasn’t expecting to be as impressed as I turned out to be by Manu Herrera’s latest post. I love the technique of adding a “configuration” view alongside your previews. 👍  Permalink


Do NOT init State externally in SwiftUI

SwiftUI is magical in many ways, but one of the bits of magic that might catch you out is some important rules around initialising @State variables. This is all documented, but Junda Ong has a great write-up and demonstration of what can go wrong that’s worth a read.  Permalink


Scenes types in a SwiftUI Mac app

As SwiftUI has developed and grown richer on iPad and Mac, it has also gained access to many more options in terms of opening new windows and documents, to the point where there are so many options now that this recap post of what's available from Natalia Panferova might come in handy!  Permalink




Different Gets Ignored

I loved this piece from Luke Wroblewski that went against what I thought about getting people to notice a new feature in an app. I understand the “tooltip problem” but was blown away by the custom tab bar example. It’s worth reading if you’ve recently adopted TipKit.  Permalink




There are no featured jobs this week, but there are other open positions over on iOS Dev Jobs. Also, don’t forget it’s free to advertise open positions there if your company is hiring.



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I got 11 correct for a score of 23. How will you do?


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