Charted | Visualizing the Training Costs of AI Models Over Time 💰

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Which Minerals Will Drive Clean Energy?'

Visualizing the Training Costs of AI Models Over Time

In this graphic, we show how the cost of training AI models has skyrocketed given the huge amount of computing power required to run them.
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Get Easy Exposure to Critical Minerals

By the 2030s, energy investment levels could reach $7T annually from $1T in 2022.
With Sprott ETFs, you can capitalize on rising demand and align your investments with this revolution.

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Nine Critical Energy Minerals for Investors

Sprott identified nine key minerals for the clean energy transition, offering great investment potential.

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The World's Richest Countries Across 3 Metrics

Here's how the richest countries in the world stack up by GDP per capita, how far their money goes, and labor productivity.

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