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WorkOS: Modern Identity Platform for B2B SaaS
WorkOS provides a complete User Management solution along with SSO, SCIM, & RBAC. The APIs are easy-to-use and modular, helping companies like Perplexity, Vercel, and Webflow quickly become Enterprise Ready.


How many photons are received per bit transmitted from Voyager 1?
//physics.stackexchange.com comments

Engineering for Slow Internet
//brr.fyi comments

I made a tiny camera with super long battery life
//toaster.llc comments

This Message Does Not Exist
//kmjn.org comments

Hacking millions of modems and investigating who hacked my modem
//samcurry.net comments

Repairing my mug with Kintsugi
//fellerts.no comments

Parable of the Sofa
//tbray.org comments

Everything I know about the fast inverse square root algorithm
//github.com comments

Managing my motivation as a solo dev
//mbuffett.com comments

The long-lost Tarzan Atari game, preserved
//gamehistory.org comments

#Ask HN

What was your most humbling learning moment?

I have many PDFs – what is the best local way to leverage AI for search?

How to transcribe 1000s of handwritten notes

#Show HN

Every mountain, building and tree shadow mapped for any date and time //shademap.app comments

PlayBooks – Jupyter Notebooks style on-call investigation documents //github.com comments

File0 – An easier way to manage files in serverless apps //file0.dev comments

Webhooks for Any Event //markets.sh comments


Reproducing GPT-2 in llm.c //github.com comments

Diffusion on syntax trees for program synthesis //tree-diffusion.github.io comments

Gh-dash: A beautiful CLI dashboard for GitHub //github.com comments

What I think about Lua after shipping a project with 60k lines of code //blog.luden.io comments

Web Development with Htmx, Type-Guided Components, Pure Python //getludic.dev comments

zfind – CLI like find but using SQL syntax and also does tar/zip //github.com comments


You'll regret using natural keys //blog.ploeh.dk comments

What we've learned from a year of building with LLMs //eugeneyan.com comments

ROOT: analyzing petabytes of data scientifically //root.cern comments

10 Years to Build a Free SQL Editor //timestored.com comments

Koheesio: Nike's Python-based framework to build advanced data-pipelines //github.com comments

DuckDB 1.0.0 //duckdb.org comments

Half a century of SQL //theregister.com comments


UI elements with a hand-drawn, sketchy look //wiredjs.com comments

Immich – Self-hosted photo and video management solution //immich.app comments

Original 8x16 ASCII Fixed Width Font: Classic Console Neue //webdraft.hu comments

Web Design Museum //webdesignmuseum.org comments


Standard Ebooks' 1,000th title: Ulysses //standardebooks.org comments

Python notebooks for fundamentals of music processing //audiolabs-erlangen.de comments

I wrote a book about self-hosting for a small group of friends/family //selfhostbook.com comments


I am sick of LeetCode-style interviews //nelson.cloud comments

Ask HN: Who is hiring? //news.ycombinator.com

CommitAsync – $100K+ dev jobs 100% remote only //commitasync.com comments

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //news.ycombinator.com

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? //news.ycombinator.com


An animated introduction to Fourier series //andreinc.net comments

An intuitive guide to Maxwell's equations //photonlines.substack.com comments

A breakthrough towards the Riemann hypothesis //mathstodon.xyz comments

The t-test was invented at the Guinness brewery //scientificamerican.com comments

Roman Roads //sashamaps.net comments

If English was written like Chinese //zompist.com comments


Mitsubishi robot solves Rubik's Cube in 0.305s //soranews24.com comments

Feynman Computer Science Lecture – Hardware, Software, Heuristics //youtube.com comments

I built an interactive cloth solver for Apple Vision Pro //youtube.com comments

Testing a 1912-style Radio //youtube.com comments

#Startup News

Signal: Will leave the EU market rather than undermine our privacy guarantees //twitter.com comments

Boeing Starliner launches first crewed mission //bbc.co.uk comments

AMD Unveils Ryzen 9000 CPUs for Desktop, Zen 5 //anandtech.com comments

Jury finds Boeing stole technology from electric airplane startup Zunum //seattletimes.com comments

Databricks to Buy Data-Management Startup Tabular //wsj.com comments

Nvidia and Salesforce double down on AI startup Cohere in $450M round //finance.yahoo.com comments


Learn CSS Grid with a virtual garden game //cssgridgarden.com comments

Foosbar – My autonomous foosball-playing robot //github.com comments

Minimalistic Beat Maker //martinwecke.de comments

Huewords, a Word and Logic Puzzle //huewords.snellman.net comments

Wadzilla. Play DOOM in Zork //github.com comments

Yes, You Can Play Duck Hunt Without a Television (But I Can't) //nicole.express comments

Gpl2 2d web paddle game //raould.github.io comments

#Cutting Room Floor

Google Meet rolls out multi-device adaptive audio merging //workspaceupdates.googleblog.com comments

How to copy a file from a 30-year-old laptop //unterminated.com comments

A man ordered to hide his boat painted the boat on his fence //news.artnet.com comments

Codestral: Mistral's Code Model //mistral.ai comments

Things the guys who stole my phone have texted me to try to get me to unlock it //gothamist.com comments

Making USB devices – end to end guide to your first gadget //popovicu.com comments

Napster sparked a file-sharing revolution 25 years ago //torrentfreak.com comments

Things you wish you didn't need to know about S3 //blog.plerion.com comments

Saint Michael Sword: Are the cathedrals really on a straight line? //geospatial.netlify.app comments

What I think about Lua after shipping a project with 60k lines of code //blog.luden.io comments

Simple tasks showing reasoning breakdown in state-of-the-art LLMs //arxiv.org comments

Reverse Z in 3D graphics (and why it's so awesome) //tomhultonharrop.com comments

Making a tic-tac-toe game with ‘randomness’ using pure HTML and CSS //blog.scottlogic.com comments

I created this land use visualisation for the Netherlands //koenvangilst.nl comments

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