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A lesson from a buggy Sonos app release 🐛

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ISSUE 223  June 10th 2024




Welcome to the 223rd issue!

Do you know the 5th Modern Testing Principle?

"5. Customer is the only one capable to judge and evaluate the quality of our product."

This is the lesson that Sonos — the maker of premium connected audio equipment — is learning the hard way.

Let me tell you the story.

A month ago, they released a completely redesigned mobile app.

An app that's been the heart of their system, orchestrating hardware connection and music playback.

And they messed up. Big time!

How? This article summarises it best.

In short, it had critical issues, missed core functionality and made it unusable to visually impaired people.

So, understandably, their customers got very angry.

Just look at this Reddit megathread and posts on X.

Now, a month has passed and Sonos has addressed some of the issues. They even shared a public roadmap.

And I'm sure they'll get it right, eventually.

But it's the trust, reputation and perception of quality that will be much harder to regain.

So with that lesson in mind...

Happy testing! 🙂

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3 workplaces you must know about as a Test Engineer

Wondering what's the difference between being the first tester in an organisation, being the only tester on a team, and working at large enterprises? Avinash Vishwakumar shares his experience.

However, is it true that QA demand is not there anymore? Here's what people observe.  Permalink


How to identify the right Senior tester for your new team

There's some great advice by Callum Akehurst-Ryan on what to look for when you want to hire experienced tester to your team.

Additionally, Pedro Catré shares some interesting thoughts: How Many QA Devs Does Your Company Need?  Permalink


Reboot Your Bug-Hunting: Five Ways To Supercharge Your Software Testing

If you want to improve your testing skills, Hanisha Arora shares a few valuable tips.  Permalink


Synthetic Testing: The Art of Faux Testing

Jamiu Salimon explains well what synthetic monitoring is about and how it can help you find issues in production faster.  Permalink


The purpose of metrics

This is a great reminder from Lisa Crispin about what metrics are really about. Sometimes it's easy to forget about it.  Permalink




Automation — What "To" and "Not To" automate?

This is the kind of question that pops up from time to time in the testing community. And for a good reason — it's not straightforward to decide what should be automated and with what priority. Here's what testers suggest.  Permalink


Building a Test Automation Library to Create and Manipulate Test Data

Joost van Wollingen shares good insights into how they build a custom test data library and what they learned along the way.

And if you're looking for a more practical guide, René Rodríguez Luquin explains how to set up Dynamic Test Data — Testing Good Practices.  Permalink


Integration testing driving seamless software performance

Audy Chavarria shows a decent example of integration testing with Kotlin and WireMock.  Permalink


Key Aspects I Consider in Automation Project Code Reviews

How should you approach code reviews as a tester? Eleonora Belova shares several great pieces of advice.

Furthermore, Steven Boutcher brings up a number of good reasons why You should be using data-testid.  Permalink


SOLID Principles for Testers: The Liskov Substitution Principle

In the third article of the series, Kristin Jackvony explains the Liskov Substitution Principle and shows an example of using it in test automation projects.  Permalink


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Level up your testing with Playwright and Codegen

Effortlessly auto-generate tests and automate the toil away. We'll show you how on our companion guide. Manually walk through your test once, re-run the test forever.  Permalink




Cypress: Cucumber (BDD) Automation Framework

If you're interested in implementing the Behaviour-Driven Development approach in your Cypress tests, Rajesh Yemul shows how to achieve that by integrating Cucumber.  Permalink


How To Run Failures Only From The Last Playwright Run Via CLI

Want to rerun your latest failed Playwright tests? Now it's possible with just one command, as Butch Mayhew explains.  Permalink


Implementing the Page Object Model using Java, Selenium 4 and TestNG

In this straightforward, step-by-step guide, Chandan Kumar demonstrates how to implement POM in Selenium.

You might also be interested in Chandan's examples of Implementing Implicit, Explicit, and Fluent Waits.  Permalink


Optimizing API Testing: Easy Scheduling with Effective Tools

Sofia Hrynevych shows how to make the execution of your API tests easier and more manageable with tools such as Newman, Swagger and more.  Permalink


Testing gRPC #5: Load test a gRPC service

Need to load test gRPC services? Gaurav Singh demonstrates a detailed solution using Java and Locust.  Permalink




30 Automated Testing Concepts Explained

In just over 6 minutes, Nikolay Advolodkin gives a great overview of examples of good practices in test automation.  Permalink


The 3 Steps Mobile Testing Strategy

In last week's issue, I highlighted an article showing an example of a mobile app test strategy. And this 15-minute overview by Daniel Knott is a great follow up to that.  Permalink




Bug or a feature...? 😂



Thanks for reading!

If you like it and it helps you become a better tester — you can say thanks and buy me a coffee.

Dawid Dylowicz  Permalink

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