Can't hear TV dialogue? Change these 3 settings

Why DaVinci Resolve beats Final Cut Pro; Best iPhone accessories --
ZDNET Tech Today - US
June 13, 2024
Can't hear TV dialogue? Changing these 3 settings can make a big difference
Some simple adjustments can make a huge difference. And you'll get an even greater improvement if you're willing to spend money.
How to watch the 2024 Summer Olympics: All your streaming options
Your next OLED TV may stay feature-relevant for 10+ years thanks to this chipset
I tested LG's new QNED90T TV, and it made me miss my OLED a little less


placeholder I was a Final Cut Pro diehard until DaVinci Resolve won me over with these 3 features
placeholder Samsung's new Galaxy Watch FE is a $199 smartwatch with flagship features
placeholder One of the best-fitting earbuds I've tested aren't made by Apple or Bose
placeholder Why the Grammarly app is so much better than the browser extension - and how to configure it
placeholder The best iPhone accessories you can buy: Expert tested

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01 Apple is finally adding RCS to the iPhone - and I couldn't be more excited
02 Your Apple Watch is getting an upgrade - here are the coolest features in WatchOS 11
03 How to enable UWB on Android - and why you should (your car is one reason)
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