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7 cheap sunnies we love

Nine pairs of sunglasses of varies colors and styles, neatly arranged in three rows.
Photo: Connie Park

Over the past five years, we’ve worn nearly 100 pairs of cheap(ish) sunglasses to find the most cool, comfortable, and protective ones. After our latest round of testing, we’ve added four new picks to our lineup, including a glam cat-eye pair, sophisticated square frames, and some beachy aviators.

The very best cheap sunglasses→

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Plus: Always scratching or losing your sunglasses?

A pink missing poster with clay glasses on it posted on a street sign post.
Illustration: Dana Davis; Photo: Connie Park

If you never know where your sunglasses are (same), or it seems like they’re always scratched or broken—no judgment here. We’ve got some tips to ensure your sunnies stay in good condition all summer long.

First of all, don’t clean them with your T-shirt→

Nice shades.

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