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"A sandwich with a pickle for a bun"

— The viral menu item at a New York deli that you have to see (and maybe taste). Safe to say it’s a big dill.


What's Happening

Abortion protesters
US News

The Supreme Court Accidentally Published Its Opinion on Emergency Abortion Care

What's going on: The Supreme Court appears poised to allow emergency abortions in Idaho, according to an opinion that was briefly posted online yesterday. The case centered on Idaho’s strict abortion ban and a federal law requiring hospitals to provide emergency care, and raised fears that a ruling could further restrict reproductive health care. Bloomberg News first reported the court’s opinion, which appears to indicate a 6-3 vote, with three conservative-leaning male justices dissenting. Meanwhile, there could be a girl’s girl roaming the court’s halls because this is the second time in two years that SCOTUS has shared an abortion-related decision early.

What it means: It’s unclear if the unsigned opinion will be the official ruling, which is expected any day now. Some women’s health advocates say the opinion, if it stands, isn’t necessarily a major win for abortion rights. That’s because the court appears to have dismissed the case on procedural grounds and could revisit it in the future. In the meantime, others are hopeful that Idaho will soon be able to resume emergency abortion care. While the justices debated the case, there have been reports that several women in Idaho had to be airlifted to other states for abortions to avoid hemorrhaging, infection, and other health risks.

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A Face-Off For the (Old) Ages

What's going on: Grab the popcorn and wine, President Biden and former President Trump are going head-to-head. Tonight, the two will take the stage in their first presidential debate since the 2020 election cycle, courtesy of CNN. Forgot how the 2020 showdown went? Watch a recap of the top moments, including the infamous “will you shut up” line. It probably won’t take much for the two candidates to get into it, but don’t forget CNN can mute their mics this time (lip readers, are you ready?). Here’s how to watch.

What it means: The stakes are high for both candidates as voters are concerned about inflation, immigration, and how old both men are. While Biden is expected to face questions about the US’ response to the Israel-Hamas war, moderators are likely to ask Trump about his recent conviction in New York. Tonight’s debate is an opportunity for Biden and Trump to appeal to undecided voters across key battleground states like Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin. One poll recently found that 20% of voting adults don’t have a candidate in mind, factor a third-party option, or might not vote. As for who’s leading in national polls, it looks like Trump and Biden are pretty much tied.

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Alex Morgan Didn’t Make the Cut

What's going on: There was one glaring absence on the US Women's National Soccer Team (USWNT) roster for the 2024 Paris Olympics: Alex Morgan. You read that right. The same Morgan who has played in three Olympics and four World Cups — serving as co-captain of the 2023 World Cup team. Morgan posted on X that she was “disappointed” to not be selected, but that she looks forward to cheering the team on along with the rest of the country. Fans shared their disappointment on social media too. National team coach Emma Hayes praised Morgan and called the decision “tough” but added that it was time to switch up the squad.

What it means: This will be the USWNT’s first global competition under Hayes’ leadership. The coach says she’s looking to give the team a clean slate after it recently took some L’s on the international stage. The US has slipped to fifth place in FIFA’s international rankings — its lowest spot in over 20 years. Hayes opted for young stars over veterans for the 18-player roster, which is the fourth youngest team the US has ever sent to the Olympics, according to US Soccer. She also considered players who can play a variety of positions (unlike Morgan who is solely a striker). Fans can catch the USWNT kick off its quest for Olympic gold on July 25 in a game against Zambia.

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Quick Hits

🥺 Paris Hilton gave emotional testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday.

😳 Oh great, there’s another way “forever chemicals” can get into our bodies.

👀 Is Connections getting harder, or is it just us? The New York Times’ new game could (finally) give us a break. Take a sneak peek.

🍦 Sorry to interrupt your summer, but you need to know about this recall involving dozens of ice cream products.

🍅 The Heinz and Kate Spade collaboration that we (and the internet) can’t stop talking about. Ranch girls, this one isn’t for you.

💕 What happens when Big Tech meets music legends? A nepo baby couple no one saw coming.


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If you’re looking for something short and snappy, read “Sandwich.” The new novel from Catherine Newman, the author of "We All Want Impossible Things," is a pure delight, following a family’s beach vacation in Cape Cod from the humorous perspective of Rocky, their menopausal matriarch. Chapters flashback to past vacations in which she reminisces on motherhood, marriage, and her children growing up.


Settle This

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Online micro-cheating is a thing, with some calling out Instagram likes as a sign. Where do you draw the line with your partner’s online behavior?


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