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Gain invaluable insights into how users are using your app with detailed heatmaps and session recordings. Trusted by thousands of companies, Clarity SDK helps you enhance user experience, and drive growth, all while maintaining user privacy and with minimal impact on your app. And it’s 100% FREE!
Anitaa Murthy continues a series on Kotlin Coroutines, this time examining Kotlin Flows.
Anupam Singh considers what Server-Driven UI is and how to use it in building an app.
Jaewoong Eum shows how to utilize Firebase for your mobile and web applications, covering features such as authentication, push notifications, remote config, analytics, and more.
Kwabena Bio Berko considers the power of Compose Multiplatform in delivering native UI experiences across platforms.
You may have received an email from Google Play Store recently stating that an update to your Play Core Maven dependency is needed. This article shows how easy it is to handle.
Ash Nohe covers Android 15 Beta 3, two Compose case studies, Google AI Studio, Gemini in Android Studio, and lots of stable AndroidX releases.
This series by Annyce Davis is dedicated to the little things in programming that make you want to bang your head against the wall. This post is about: confusing error messages.
Kevin Schildhorn considers the question "Do you actually need to use SPM or Cocoapods to include KMP?" You don't, and it might not be the right answer.
In this JetBrains tutorial, you will build a sample application that runs on Android, iOS, and desktop.
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Libraries & Code
A custom lightweight component that displays a Lucky Wheel developed with Kotlin.
Add asynchronous RPC services to your Kotlin multiplatform applications
A Powerful and customizable Compose Multiplatform dropdown menu with cascade and animations.
Videos & Podcasts
All the presentations from Droidcon Italy 2023
Dave Leeds covers seven features in Kotlin's standard library that you might have missed or forgotten about.
Stevdza-San shares the ultimate guide on Synchronized Concurrency and Thread-safety with Kotlin Mutex.
Charfaoui Younes explores the world of Static Code Analyzers with an easy-to-use library called Konsist which helps you ensure the consistency of your codebase!
Philipp Lackner shows how to share resources in Compose Multiplatform!
Learn about Android 15 Beta 3, two Compose case studies, Google AI Studio, Gemini in Android Studio, and lots of stable AndroidX releases.
Dive into the latest episode where the Coding Italians craft a system for instrumenting method calls to enhance Android app performance. Learn how to use ASM, the Byte Code Viewer plugin, and JVM bytecode specifications to generate insightful Perfetto traces.
Daniel Atitienei shows how to adapt your layout for all devices using the list detail layout.

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