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Welcome to the 265th edition of Power BI Weekly! A very short edition this week. The only announcement is that of the Power BI Admin portal Usage metrics dashboard retirement, which (as you may have already noticed) is being superseded by the Admin monitoring workspace (preview) which includes additional granular insights. On the community articles-front this week: Roland Szirmai has walked through a scenario around Fixing Power Query CSV Import Issues using both the GUI and code, Justin Martin has described Creating User-Driven Default Slicer Selections to cater for scenairos where users are allowed to see all data, but their default view should be customized to default to their area, and Bas Dohmen has shown us 3 Power BI Visuals You Haven't Seen Before, including a dynamic column/line switching chart, a fill-card visual, and a customized funnel-style chart incorporating custom labels and the new ribbon functionality announced earlier this year.

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Data Prep

Covering: Power Query (M), Dataflows, Data connectors, AI Insights

Data Modeling

Covering: DAX (Measures & Calculated Tables/Columns), Relationships, Analysis Services, Composite models

Report Authoring and Interactivity

Covering: Layout and formatting, Visualizations, Interactivity, Themes, Mobile reports, Dashboards

Deployment, Security and Operations

Covering: Workspaces and Apps, Template Apps, Deployment Pipelines, Gateways, Security, Sharing, Licences, Admin operations, Developer Tooling


Covering: Cross-topic announcements & feature summaries, Whitepapers, Community events, Learning Resources & Certifications, Podcasts, Sample reports, End-to-end walkthroughs

Useful Links

  • Power BI Maturity Scorecard - 97% of the Fortune 500 are using Power BI. Only 20% of analytics deliver business value. How do you score?
  • Azure Weekly - Interested in Azure? Sign up to our sister newsletter Azure Weekly to receive all the week's Azure news
  • M language reference - Official Power Query M Reference
  • PowerQuery How - Alternative M Language Reference created by Rick de Groot, including improved function explanations, code formatting, practical examples and further reading
  • DAX Studio - Useful open source tool for executing and analyzing DAX queries, founded by Darren Gosbell
  • DAX Guide - Your go-to reference on the DAX language, created by the SQLBI team
  • Power BI Visuals Reference - An exhaustive list (as of Sep. 2018) of all Power BI native & custom visuals, placed into separate categories, again created by the SQLBI team
  • Report Theme Generator - A handy report theme generator created by the Power BI Tips and Tricks team
  • Power BI Theme templates - Detailed Power BI Theme templates for all the native visuals, created by David Eldersveld
  • Power BI from Rookie to Rock Star - Free, detailed eBook to get up and running with Power BI, written by Reza Rad
  • Power BI Architecture diagram - An informative Power BI Architecture diagram, created by Dustin Ryan
  • Power BI Whitepapers - A list of official Power BI whitepapers, covering Security, Premium deployment, Advanced Analytics and more

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