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Today's big stories

  1. Revolut's new legion of customers helped the fintech darling make a record-breaking profit
  2. How to trade carefully in the volatile world of microcap meme coins – Read Now
  3. Tech companies are turning to nuclear energy to satisfy the seemingly neverending power demands of AI

Flashing The Cash

Flashing The Cash

What’s going on here?

Higher interest rates did Revolut a favor, so the British fintech showed off a wad of profit on Tuesday.

What does this mean?

UK-based Revolut put cash in the bank last year, with a net profit of $428 million. That’s a nice pick-up from its $7 million profit the year before. Revolut makes the bulk of its money from transaction fees when customers swap currencies and withdraw cash, subscriptions, and crypto trading commissions. The company also has a European banking license, so it can hand out high-interest personal loans in France, Germany, and Spain. And last year, higher interest rates meant customers with loans were paying more on what they’d borrowed. It also helped that more folk than ever have been using Revolut’s services: the company now boasts a hefty 45 million users, up 12 million from last year.

Why should I care?

Zooming in: Just keep on rolling.

Reports have suggested that Revolut’s aiming to sell shares at a price that would value the company at $40 billion, 20% higher than three years ago. That’s more than the valuation of some well-known high street banks in the UK and France. And that’s some feat: plenty of private companies are struggling to raise cash or hike their valuations at all these days. Revolut hinted that it might go public to keep the momentum moving – although, waiting for its UK banking license first would likely pay off, literally.

The bigger picture: There’s hope for your average Joe.

Investing in private companies is generally reserved for the rich and famous, as it tends to require big bucks and you can’t simply cash out when you want. (These investments can make up for it with sweet returns, of course.) But this week, Blackrock announced that it might be able to index private markets. That could lead to an iShares-type product – BlackRock’s current offering for exchange-traded funds – being adapted to let everyday investors in on the private action.

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Analyst Take

How To Trade Microcap Meme Coins, Without Losing Your Shirt

How To Trade Microcap Meme Coins, Without Losing Your Shirt

By Jonathan Hobbs, CFA, Analyst

What’s Going On Here?

Love them or hate them, meme coins have been one of crypto’s top performers this year.

And some microcap meme coins – early-stage projects with total market sizes below, say, $1 million – have done even better.

And though most end up being duds, a few have blown up, making fortunes for their initial investors (ahem... speculators).

That’s today’s Insight: trading carefully in the volatile world of microcap meme coins.

Read or listen to the Insight here

Bulls have horns for a reason

Change might scare some of us – but it excites plenty, too.

Case in point: when financial markets start moving as quickly as they are today, many investors take the opportunity to go against the grain or seek quick turnaround trades.

That’s where leveraged and inverse ETFs come in. The first lets traders amplify their high-conviction trades, while the latter lets traders bet on price dips without having to “short” assets. 

That means you could put a bigger bet on a market move or technical signal without accessing more capital. So if you’re a risk-tolerant trader, you’ll want to find out how to use them safely and effectively.

Our free guide with Direxion – a platform that specializes in tools for decisive investors – has the lowdown: discover how you could use leveraged and inverse ETFs to amplify your trades.

Find Out More

Tall Orders

Tall Orders

What’s going on here?

Tech companies have been turning to nuclear energy to fulfill the lofty demands of insatiable AI data centers.

What does this mean?

Data centers devour power every time AI systems work on a math question, life crisis, or recipe. But for tech companies to meet zero-emissions targets, those centers need clean fuel. And AI systems are in demand all day and night long now, so the fickle nature of solar or wind power doesn’t fit the bill. That’s why tech companies are using their deep pockets to buy always-on nuclear energy at premium prices. These “behind-the-meter” deals see major tech giants like Amazon buying power directly from plants – a tidy contract for energy companies.

Why should I care?

Zooming in: The US is running on high.

AI accounted for 4% of total energy demand in the US last year, and that’s set to grow to as much as 9% by 2030. That’s partly because data centers can be built much faster with these new nuclear arrangements, as they won’t need as much accompanying infrastructure. So these nuclear energy deals are a win-win: energy firms make a ton of money, and tech companies can run their data centers while meeting emissions targets. Mind you, these deals will divert power from the grid, risking shortages and higher prices for everyday folk who don’t have Big-Tech-sized bank balances.

The bigger picture: It’s all clear for nuclear.

The 2011 Fukushima disaster brought the risks of nuclear technologies to the global stage. So with the world staying clear, uranium – the metal used in nuclear power production – reached a record-low price of under $20 in 2016. But now that nuclear energy has a better reputation and is in higher demand, uranium prices are back to pre-Fukushima levels. That explains why share prices of nuclear energy providers Vistra and Constellation Energy have been on charge this year.

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💬 Quote of the day

"Science has not yet taught us if madness is or is not the sublimity of intelligence."

– Edgar Allan Poe (an American author)
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The events that every investor should know about

Every investor should be keeping up with global elections.

The outcome can directly dictate a country’s fiscal policies, which feeds straight into stock market performances – and that impact isn’t always localized.

So with the UK and France headed to the polls soon, you need to know how different outcomes could play out, what the market expects, and what happens if those predictions are wrong.

And most importantly, you should know how to prepare your portfolio before it all goes down.

Join IG’s chief market analyst Chris Beauchamp at our next event, then, and find out what investors need to know before the votes are counted.

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