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Welcome to issue 657 of Python Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.
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Articles, Tutorials and Talks

PyO3: From Python to Rust and Back Again 
David Hewitt, the principal committer to PyO3, discusses the project's role in improving Python's performance by integrating Rust code. The conversation explores the challenges and ongoing developments in making Python and Rust work seamlessly together, highlighting the complexities involved in bridging these two languages for enhanced performance.

How to Get Root Access to Your Sleep Number Bed
The article provides a detailed guide on how to gain root access to a Sleep Number bed's hub by modifying internal files, which voids the warranty. It also explores the hub's functionality and potential backdoors, warning about the security implications of an internet-connected appliance with direct access to the home network.

My Python code is a neural network
Many programs that we write can be embedded in recurrent neural networks (RNNs). For such programs, a trained RNN can perform better than if we write the algorithm by hand, refining it via trial and error. I walk through an example in detail.

How to use Vue with Django (including Auth) 
We'll set up a Vue.js frontend + a Django backend. Strong foundations for your production app. We'll also add auth Simple and robust. No tokens, no DRF, no JWT.

uv - pip killer or yet another package manager?
Pip has been the go to package manager for Python since time immemorial. But there’s a new kid on the block - uv. So is it worth the try or yet another tool?

Python grapples with Apple App Store rejections
An upgrade from Python 3.11 to 3.12 has led to the rejection of some Python apps by Apple's app stores. That led to Eric Froemling submitting a bug report against CPython. That, in turn, led to an interesting discussion among Python developers about how far the project was willing to go to accommodate app store review processes. Developers reached a quick consensus, and a solution that may arrive as soon as Python 3.13.

API integration Course – Modern Python with FastAPI 
This video provides a comprehensive overview of building event-driven applications using FastAPI, covering topics from basic setup to advanced features like real-time translation and sentiment analysis. It demonstrates the integration of various technologies and APIs, emphasizing practical implementation, troubleshooting, and optimization techniques for creating functional web applications with Python.

A practical introduction to Constraint Programming using CP-SAT and Python
This post discusses constraint programming, an approach to solve discrete optimization problems, and illustrate how it works with a scheduling code example implemented in Python with the CP-SAT solver.

An overview of the Sparse Array Ecosystem for Python
An overview of the different options available for working with sparse arrays in Python.

PDF Hell and Practical RAG Applications
Extracting text from PDFs often poses significant challenges, especially for applications in RAG, NLP, and large language models (LLMs). In this article, we delve into some challenges.

Keeping things in sync: derive vs test
In software development, keeping different parts of a program in sync is crucial. This article discusses two approaches: Deriving the behavior from a single source of truth (like a constant) or testing for synced behavior. 

Build a Django Rest API and Integrate with Next.js! Django Ninja, shadcn, Neon Postgres, Railway... 
The video guides developers through integrating Django for backend and Next.js for frontend development, showcasing rapid REST API setup with Django Ninja, including user authentication, JWT tokens, Neon serverless PostgreSQL setup, CORS management, and deployment optimizations for secure and efficient application performance. It emphasizes best practices and security measures for seamless integration and reliable deployment in production environments.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

llama-agents is an async-first framework for building, iterating, and productionizing multi-agent systems, including multi-agent communication, distributed tool execution, human-in-the-loop, and more!

Modern, open-source Jupyter alternative. 

Python+Webassembly Frontend Framework via PyScript.

Python package for mining stock and financial data, using data from open data sources like Yahoo Finance.

Async PostgreSQL driver for Python written in Rust.

Make your web services secure by default!

Composio equips agents with well-crafted tools empowering them to tackle complex tasks.

A Fully Open, Vision-Centric Exploration of Multimodal LLMs.

PyPI Scout
Find Python packages on PyPI with natural language queries.

Declarative API development platform. Build backend components with WASM, Typescript and Python, no matter where and how your (legacy) systems are.

Ingest, parse, and optimize any data format from documents to multimedia for enhanced compatibility with GenAI frameworks.

Python packaging scenarios.

A powerful command-line tool that generates comprehensive prompts from codebases, designed to streamline interactions between developers and Large Language Models (LLMs) for code analysis, documentation, and improvement tasks.

A modular graph-based Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system by Microsoft.

New Releases

Polars 1.0

Python 3.13.0 beta 3 released

Upcoming Events and Webinars

San Francisco Python Meetup July 2024
There will be following talks
  • Devin for Finance
  • Hot Hallway Topics at PyCon US: GIL, JIT, and more!
  • Extensibility Through Python

Hybrid: PyMunich Meetup July 2024
There will be following talks
  • My journey of Algo Trading within Crypto
  • From Dev to Prod: The Financial and Environmental Costs of Python Programming
  • Effective TDD and Python: Building Quality Software

PyHawaii Meetup July 2024
There will be following talks
  • AI Engineer World Fair recap
  • LLM Frameworks
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