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How Masterworks Aims to Beat the Art Market

It's no secret that contemporary art prices have outpaced the S&P 500 by 64% over the last 28 years, appreciating at a compound rate of 11.5% per year during that time ('95-'23). But for Masterworks, an investment platform focused solely on contemporary art, keeping pace isn't enough.

It wants to beat the market.

How are they attempting this you might ask? By buying works of art in artist markets with positive trends. It’s value investing 101. The Acquisitions and Research team is world-class, with decades of experience in the art and financial markets, powered by a proprietary database that aims to track historical artist market appreciation. 

Few, if any, players in this untapped $2.1 trillion market (UHNW art collectible wealth as of ‘23) have the qualitative and quantitative investing capabilities that Masterworks has.

So far, the Masterworks team has been successful, completing 22 exits out of over 400 offerings, each of them individually profitable. With 3 representative sales, Masterworks investors realized net annualized returns of 13.9%, 14.6%, and 17.8%. Now, you can skip the waitlist to get started with this exclusive link.

Past performance of whole art and Masterworks offerings are not indicative of future returns or artwork not yet sold. See important Regulation A disclosures at 


The content is not intended to provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investing involves risk.

Art sales price data is comparative only. Each painting is unique and historical data is not a direct proxy for any specific painting or investment.  Data represents whole art not an investment into our offerings which includes fees and expenses. 

Art asset class is based on repeat-sales index of historical art market prices computed based on a value weighted-basis and focused on the Post-War & Contemporary Art category.  While Masterworks believes art market comparisons to other asset classes can be useful to help potential investors discern long term trends in these asset classes, there are significant limitations to the utility of such comparative data, particularly over shorter time periods.  Potential investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such data.

“Net Annualized Return” refers to the annualized internal rate of return, or IRR, net of all fees and costs, to holders of Class A shares from the primary offering, calculated from the final closing date of such offering to the date the sale is consummated. A more detailed breakdown of the Net Annualized Return calculation for each issuer can be found in the respective Form 1-U for each exit. The 3 median returns above represent the ones closest in percentage to the median of the 12 exits with holding periods over 1 year. 

See important Reg A disclosures at



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