Charted | Automaker Sales by Global Region in 2023 🌎

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Demand for lithium is projected to grow 20X by 2040. 
Join General Motors as an EnergyX shareholder and invest in the Lithium Boom.

Charted: Automaker Sales by Region in 2023

We visualize automaker sales by region to identify the biggest markets for brands like Ford, BMW, and Toyota.
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The Lithium Boom
Is a modern-day gold rush happening right in front of our eyes? Lithium is the essential raw material for batteries in smartphones, computers, and now EVs. It takes 10,000 smartphone batteries to make 1 set of EV batteries, which means demand for lithium is projected to soar 20x by 2040.

Creating a massive opportunity for investors, Elon Musk didn’t hold back saying, “Do you like minting money? Well, the lithium business is for you.” EnergyX’s patented LiTAS™ technology extracts up to 300% more lithium than traditional methods. They’ve inked deals with top lithium producers, including POSCO who is building a 100k ton/year plant, secured a strategic investment from GM, and won a $5M DOE grant. Most recently, they acquired a 90,000-acre mining asset that has ~5.5M tons of lithium.

Now EnergyX is accepting shareholders for a limited time. This is a unique opportunity to invest on the ground floor as the company is set to unlock a massive lithium supply.
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