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PHP Weekly 11th July 2024

Hi everyone,

Halfway through the year and also halfway through the month of July, and we're still bring the most up to date news on the world of PHP. This week we have new updates for PHP 8.2 users. We also have the alpha version of PHP 8.4 available for testing. We also have the latest PHP Annotated, so if you would like a recap on the developments in the community from the previous month, scroll down to the News section. In Podcasts this week we have new episodes from Laravel News on chopping extensions, exploring SQLite, while over at No Compromises the crew chat about why you should consider writing a spec for your Laravel API. Developer Tea is back this week with Bias to Action as their topic, as Over engineered take a pause on their usual topics to talk about the kind of burnout that comes from working on the same thing for so long. Finally we have articles on Symfony Secrets, Laravel Form requests and the new Array Find function in PHP 8.4 in the Reading section. We have all that and more, so we do hope you enjoy this week's newsletter. If you're a student or developer on the move and want the latest PHP news and updates in one place, then subscribe to PHPWeekly.

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Laravel Error Solutions on the Default Exception Page
With the release of the first-party default exception page in Laravel 11.9, the existing error solutions feature was removed. The Laravel Error Solutions package by Spatie brings back solutions for the most common errors users face.

Top 4 MySQL Memory Calculators
Several tools are available to help database administrators calculate the appropriate memory settings for their MySQL databases. Here, we compare the leading MySQL memory calculators.

Level Up Your Laravel Game with Arr::sort()
Let’s explore how to use Arr::sort() effectively in your Laravel projects.

Lesser-Known Composer Commands: Boosting Your PHP Project Management
Here’s a deep dive into some of the lesser-known Composer commands that every PHP developer should know.

What is Lexer & Implementation in PHP
A lexer, also known as a lexical analyzer or tokenizer, is a component of a compiler or interpreter that processes input text to produce a sequence of tokens.

How and Why You Should Adopt Hexagonal Architecture in Your Next Laravel Project
The story begins in a distant land where developers constantly struggled with monolithic and highly coupled applications.



Web Scraping Specialists Wanted
If you're a skilled Web Scraping Specialist with a knack for creative problem-solving, join our remote team to gather data from e-commerce websites and enhance our data-driven solutions. Embrace challenging projects, overcome blocking technologies, and collaborate with a diverse global team in a flexible, fast-paced environment.

Junior PHP/Python Developer - Remote
We're looking for Full-Stack Developers to join our dynamic remote international team. As a developer, you'll work on a range of projects, including Business Intelligence systems, Legal SaaS, and cutting-edge online projects. You'll be responsible for improving legacy systems, monitoring technical systems, and delivering high-quality solutions. You should be proficient in front-end and back-end development, have strong problem-solving skills, and experience with Python, PHP, Postgres, MongoDB, and Linux servers. If you're a self-motivated team player, apply now.

Technical Support Manager - Remote
Are you interested in programming but don't have the experience yet to be a skilled developer? Join our team as a Technical Support Manager and be part of our SaaS company's success. You'll work closely with our customers to provide timely solutions, troubleshoot technical issues, and contribute to feature development. Using your skills, you'll quickly identify and resolve issues, while also working closely with our team to deliver an exceptional customer experience. You don't need to have programming experience to succeed in this role, but you should have a passion for technology and a desire to learn. You will help us enhance our products and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Tutorials and Talks

How to use eloquent when in laravel
In this article, We are implementing laravel eloquent when condition. In the filter-out process, we use the if-else condition on request.

How to Use ServBay's Built-in Composer for PHP Project Management
With ServBay, developers can effortlessly introduce third-party libraries, manage project dependencies, and autoload class files.

Creating a React component using Symfony UX
In this post, I will explain the steps I've followed to achieve it.

Session and User Registration in PHP
Today, we will learn about PHP sessions and how to register a user using sessions. But first, let's understand what sessions are and how they work?

Setting Up Multiple Database Connections in Laravel Using Docker
By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to organize your Docker and database configuration files efficiently and ensure smooth database connections.

How to Create Custom Helper Function in Laravel 11
Hello developer, In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process of creating custom helper functions in Laravel 11.

Mastering Custom Validation Rules in Laravel: Implementation and Usage Guide
This guide will walk you through the process of implementing and using custom validation rules in Laravel.

Custom Package Development in Laravel 11
This guide is designed to be accessible to beginners while also providing advanced details for experienced developers.

News and Announcements

PHP Annotated – June 2024
Welcome to the June edition of PHP Annotated! We’ll recap the most interesting developments in the PHP community over the past couple of months, featuring handpicked news, articles, tools, and videos.

The New UI Becomes the Default in 2024.2
We are happy to announce that we will enable the new UI for all JetBrains IDE users in the upcoming 2024.2 version.

Laravel Rest Api now supports Laravel Scout
With the latest release of Laravel Rest Api, the quick and easy way to manage your Api in Laravel, a native integration of Laravel Scout has been released.

New String Helpers and ServeCommand Improvements in Laravel 11.14
The Laravel team released v11.13 mid-week last week and v11.14 this week. These releases add new string methods like chopStart and chopEnd, Commonmark extension support with Laravel's String markdown method, a Number::pairs() method, and more.

PHP 8.4.0 Alpha 1 available for testing
The PHP team is pleased to announce the first testing release of PHP 8.4.0, Alpha 1. This starts the PHP 8.4 release cycle, the rough outline of which is specified in the PHP Wiki.

PHP 8.2.21 Released!
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 8.2.21. This is a bug fix release. All PHP 8.2 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

A Week of Symfony #914 (1-7 July 2024)
This week, Symfony development activity focused on removing the usages of the uniqid() function throughout the codebase, because there are better alternatives in modern PHP and because PHP might deprecate that function in the future. In addition, we published some information about the API Platform Conference (September 19-20, 2024).

Podcasts and Vlogs

Laravel News Podcast: Chopping extensions, exploring SQLite, and auth screens
Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

The Stack Overflow: What can devs do about code review anxiety?
For this episode, we spoke with Carol Lee, PhD, principal research scientist in the Developer Success Lab at Pluralsight, about her research into code review anxiety, how developers are coping, and how a workbook can help.

No Compromises Podcast: API specs aren't just for giant teams
I don't have time to write an API spec. We're not a giant team. We don't have external users of our API. I've said all these things in the past, but in today's episode, we discuss why you should still consider writing a specification for your Laravel API.

Developer Tea: Bias to Action As A Skill
You have seen "bias to action" on job requirements, but what does this really mean? Is it something that can be learned? Make sure you know the difference between this skill and a more automatic cognitive bias.

Shoptalk Show: Assigning Weight Dynamically, CoPilot vs Other AI, and Monorepos
We're talking about assigning a weight to items in a layout, differentiating between banger posts and regular blog posts, using social engineering to get PR's accepted, monorepo thoughts, using CoPilot vs other AI programming support bots, has TypeScript benefited from AI, and what happens if you turn off CoPilot?

WP Builds: 379 – No Script Show, Episode 12 – How web typography has evolved
On the podcast today, David Waumsley and I go a journey through the evolution of web typography! We both admit to feeling a mix of intrigue and intimidation toward typography, traditionally seen as the realm of design experts.

WP Briefing: Episode 83: Learning Pathways
Discover how Learning Pathways can guide you through your WordPress journey with clarity and purpose. In the latest episode of WordPress Briefing, host Josepha Haden Chomphosy welcomes special guest Wes Theron to discuss the newly introduced Learning Pathways.

Frontmatter Podcast: Stephan Schmidt, Author of Amazing CTO: The Missing Manual for Managing
In this interview, Leanpub co-founder Len Epp talks with Stephan about his background and career, his book and the challenges of being a CTO, and how to prepare for and thrive in that role, and also about his writing process.

Mostly Technical: 43: Just Do Stuff
Ian & Aaron talk about Ian's adventures with hiring (and Ian unveils a blisteringly hot take), how Aaron's course performance, why Aaron needs a stage name (maybe), and a lot more.

Over Engineered: Burnout w/ Ian Landsman
Today we take a break from over engineering to talk about burnout. Both Chris and Ian have been working on the same products for multiple decades. We sit down to talk about that and what to do about the kind of burnout that comes from working on the same thing for so long.

Syntax: Perfect Sitemaps for SEO
Wes and Scott discuss why you need a sitemap, what should be in it, and how to generate and submit it properly for SEO.

The Changelog: Programming advice for my younger self
Marcus Buffett writes his younger self programming advice, Swyx asks and answers whether or not DevRel is dead, the Ghost team opens up their ActivityPub server, Pongo is like MongoDB but on Postgres, Jack Kelly is funding Ladybird because he can’t fund Firefox & Hyrum’s Law.

Reading and Viewing

PHP 8.4 has new Array Find Functions
Let’s dive into these new additions and see how they can be leveraged in your PHP projects.

Symfony's Lyceum ? A look at SensioLabs University
This article looks at Symfony training brought to you by the team behind Symfony and Twig.

Web Bombardment Defending: Protecting Your Server
An essential guide to safeguarding your website against automated request bombardment. Learn how to implement robust security measures, whether you’re managing a single site or multiple servers.

Protect sensitive data with Symfony Secrets
How to protect sensitive information? There are a lot of approaches, but in the end we can summarize them all into the next three options.

Enhance your string manipulation with Str::random() in Laravel
Let’s dive into how Str::random() can enhance your string manipulation in Laravel projects.

Laravel Form Requests
In this post, we’ll explore the basics of Form Requests, how to create them, and how to leverage their capabilities for better validation in your Laravel applications.

Custom Exception in Laravel
Exception handling is an essential aspect of any robust application, and Laravel makes it easier by providing a variety of built-in exception classes.

Stop Adding Tools as Dependencies
It’s challenging to pinpoint when we began integrating tools into applications’ dependencies, but now is the time to cease this practice. This article elucidates why this shift is crucial.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A PHP data mocker that provides procedurally generated mocks.

PHP 8.1 Enums Extended adds additional functionality when working with PHP 8.1+ Enums.

Validate credit card number, expiration date, cvc.

Thin controller for RESTful applications.

Symfony Bundle to place your Symfony website in maintenance mode.

Port of the cool GitHub's EmailReplyParser library in PHP.

Symfony DoctrineFixturesBundle.

A Salesforce API mapper.

Geolocator service for minimalism.

Notion SDK for PHP.

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