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Issue #573 • July 11, 2024


Tools From the Internet You Never Knew Existed
A retro 90s design system, a telegram bot that tracks your diet, an app named "OH, a potato!" and an Apple notes website generator. What do these all have in common? They are insanely cool tools.

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Web Frameworks

next-forge — A production-grade boilerplate for modern Next.js apps, with little configuration required.

Uni Stack — A typesafe setup to build full-stack Expo universal native apps powered by Expo Router, Prisma, Nativewind, tRPC, and more.

Tremor Raw — A set of customizable, accessible React components to build dashboards and modern web apps with Tailwind CSS and Radix UI.

Insanely Cool Tools — The Insanely Cool Tools newsletter brings you the coolest tiny tools from around the internet, curated with founders (and amusement) in mind.   SPONSORED 

Saasfly — An easy-to-use and enterprise-grade Next.js boilerplate for building apps with NextAuth.js, Kysely for typesafe SQL queries, Prisma, Stripe, Internationalization, and more.

Page UI — A set of landing page components and templates built with React and Tailwind, easily copyable via an interactive "thief mode".

Reablocks — A suite of beautifully designed, highly customizable, open-source React components based on Tailwind and Framer Motion.


Local AI Stack — A starter kit, written in JavaScript, to build local-only AI apps that cost $0 to run and do document Q&A.

sveltekit-ultrafast — A fast SvelteKit boilerplate for building apps with Tailwind, DaisyUI, TypeScript, Supabase for auth, payments via Stripe, Contentful for blogging, and more.

Subframe — An open-source wrapper around Radix headless components to build your own component library.

JavaScript Utilities

proxy-pants — A set of secured and reliable Proxy based utilities for many common tasks, including accessor, bound, cache, extender, and lots more.

Diff DOM Streaming — An extension to the traditional Diff DOM algorithm to introduce support for comparing a DOM node with a streaming reader, to process changes incrementally as they occur during the diff process.

Rooster — A framework-independent and extensible JavaScript rich-text editor neatly nested inside one HTML div element.

Consent Banner JS — A zero-dependency, lightweight (~3kB), consent platform agnostic, cookie banner for any website.

🎹 STRICH - Barcode Scanning for Web Apps — STRICH brings fast & reliable 1D/2D barcode scanning to the web. You don't need a native app to scan barcodes! Free demo, 30-day trial.   SPONSORED 

worker_map — A simple abstraction for Node.js worker_threads, allowing you to create and share a Map (hash table) between worker threads and the main process.

js-spread-grid — A JavaScript library to easily create high-performance, customizable, and deeply interactive grid-based applications and visualizations.


Merge Anything — A utility to merge objects and other types recursively, with full TypeScript support and a simple, small integration.

Share URL — A utility based on the new Web Share API to let you embed social share links, copy to clipboard, etc., with fallback if Web Share isn't supported.

node-screenshots — A native, dependency-free Node.js screenshot library based on XCap (a cross-platform screen capture library written in Rust), with support for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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The Uncateg­orizables

Studio by WordPress.com — A fast, free way to develop locally with WordPress, so you can share your local sites with clients or colleagues and keep your local development process smooth and simple.

Docmost — An open-source collaborative wiki and documentation software to create, collaborate, and share knowledge seamlessly.

NumCheckr — A service to protect your application from disposable, temporary, and virtual phone numbers, to avoid spam and fraud. Includes a free plan up to 100 verifications per month.

🎹 STRICH - Barcode Scanning for Web Apps — STRICH brings fast & reliable 1D/2D barcode scanning to the web. You don't need a native app to scan barcodes! Free demo, 30-day trial.   SPONSORED 

Dokploy — An open-source alternative to Vercel, Netlify, and Heroku that offers a platform managing projects, data, and system health with simplicity and efficiency.

Project IDX — An AI-assisted workspace for full-stack, multiplatform app development in the cloud, with support for a broad range of frameworks, languages, and services.

Project IDX

TEO — A schema-driven web server framework with a server side API that's native to Rust, Node.js, and Python.

TypeScriptToLua — A Typescript to Lua transpiler, useful in any environment where Lua code is accepted, and usable in an online playground.

Codemod — A platform to build, share, and run codemods (i.e. advanced community-driven code transformation bots) faster and easier.

Podlite — A lightweight block-based markup language designed for flexibility and ease of use.

Commercial Apps & Classifieds

These are commercial apps, affiliate links, PPC ads, and paid classifieds. Buy a Classified here.
Helpello – An intuitive, embeddable knowledge base for your website with Notion-like editing.
TLDR – A byte-sized version of Hacker News that takes just a few minutes to read.   AD 
DynaUI – 50+ animated components built with React, Tailwind, and Framer Motion.
Templated – Service to generate images and PDFs with a simple API, with a template gallery of options.
Techpresso – Join 100,000+ free daily readers for the latest AI and tech news, tools, and insights.    AD 
FastestEngineer – The fastest way to build and launch a SaaS app with Primate.js and Svelte.
Stylokit – A gallery of free and premium templates for Framer, Nuxt, and UIkit.

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If you're considering revamping your home office and want some inspiration, Kent C. Dodds started a thread asking his followers to share photos of their cool home offices.
An X Post for Thought

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