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May 1, 2020
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National Parks Re-Opening
Great Smoky Mountains plans to re-open May 9.
Yellowstone plans to re-open June 15.
Utah is re-opening parks on May 6 starting with Bryce Canyon.

The Hymer VisionVenture – The Future Of VanLife?
Hymer has been synonymous with premium-quality leisure vehicles since 1957. Their new VisionVenture concept campervan with Mercedes and BASF includes 3D-printed materials for improved strength and reduced weight, infrared-reflective paint to reduce temperature of the van, roof and rear patio with BBQ and pneumatic pop-top roof for luxurious living, and 4WD to go wherever your adventure takes you. To be released in 2025. See video & photos.

White Van Suspicion?
Urban vandwellers are talking about painting a fake logo on their van to reduce interest from thieves. Thieves know most people have a laptop or a smartphone, and not everyone takes them with them everywhere they go, so the right logo can be a big difference in making sure your valuables are there when you get back, and that no one disturbs the van at night.

A few community favorites have been around reducing the implied value of the van's contents - i.e. a flower shop van. Who breaks in to steal flowers? Another example is a produce/farm delivery, where products may have minimal value or even be unhealthy to eat when left in a van.

"My husband’s band had a van with a church logo on it and kept a bible on the dash board. Pretty good deterrent for those lookin for trouble." says one user.
One of the best ideas has been to put a fleet number on the front roof above the windshield and on the rear above the door (such as #031), as this marking on a plain white van will give off the message that it looks just like a normal empty delivery van. "Toss a clipboard upside down on the dash and one of those reflective vest over the passenger seat and no one will think twice." Read more.


Have you ever woken up from natural light in a remote area with the birds chirping, breathed in the freedom in front of you, and thought to yourself: "I want to go to the laundromat today." Van lifers know all-to-well that finding and getting to laundromats can be tedious and another unfortunate tether to the city life in an otherwise freedom-filled lifestyle. The time it takes, in addition to the actual cost as well as mental energy of acquiring the correct amount of quarters for the machines, can be an unnecessary burden. Outside of laundromats, good luck finding someone with a full washing and drying machine in their van rig as they're expensive to acquire, operate, maintain, and take up too much space. Unless you're Pete from the Goofy Movie.

Solution: Portable washing machines. 

Pre-Conversion Vans

1990 Ford E-350 Chinook Concourse
SF Bay Area

1976 Dodge Sportsman RV
SF Bay Area

2003 Chevrolet 3500
SF Bay Area

2007 Ford Econoline E350 Extended
SF Bay Area

1994 Ford 350, Van
Portland, OR

1995 GMC Savannah 3500
Portland, OR

1977 Dodge American Clipper
Portland, OR

2011 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van
Los Angeles

1998 Chevy Express G3500 15-Passenger
Los Angeles

1973 Volkswagon Bus
Los Angeles

1994 Dodge Ram Motorhome

1991 Ford E-150 Econoline
Greater Denver

2006 Ford E250
Post-Conversion Vans

1985 Volkswagon Westfalia
SF Bay Area

1996 Dodge Ram Van 3500
SF Bay Area

1990 Volkswagon Vanagon Westfalia
SF Bay Area

2002 Dodge Ram Van
SF Bay Area

1990 Toyota Hiace Custom Campervan
Los Angeles - Riverside

1994 Ford Econoline
Santa Barbara

2012 Ford Transit Connect XLT
Los Angeles

2018 Mercedes Sprinter
Salt Lake City

1999 Ford E350 Extended Superduty Club Wagon

1973 VW Transporter 2 Hightop

1995 Volkswagon Eurovan - Winnegabo

2002 Ford E250


Reducing Employment's Barrier to Entry
Whether you're looking to see certain places, wanting to build a life outside an office, or just plain wander, employment and finances can be a barrier to getting started and maintaining your adventure. If you have ever wanted to read an expert's point of view on all your nuanced questions, here a great article to get your mind heading in the right direction. 


Van Stock
July 17-20
Lazy Mountain, Palmer, AK

Overland Expo West
July 24-26, 2020
Flagstaff, AZ

Four Wheeler Adventure Expo 2020
March 7-8
O.C. Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, CA


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